Upcoming Changes to the My Workspace ONE portal – Effective September 7, 2019


As part of our ongoing effort to align our products and services with the global VMware teams, My Workspace ONE will be migrating Support Requests and Knowledge Base content to VMware’s back end systems on September 7th, 2019


Customer Impact

The overall customer experience within My Workspace ONE will remain unchanged, however we wanted to highlight some of the functionality differences users can expect after the migration.


How to File and Update Support Requests

The process of filing and updating Support Requests (SRs) via the My Workspace ONE portal will remain unchanged after the September 7th migration. There will be a maintenance window on the night of September 6th during which SRs cannot be filed via the portal, however urgent issues can still be raised via the phone during that time.

Customers with open SRs will be notified via email of their new SR number and will be able to respond to that email to continue to make updates to the case.

If your organization has been enabled to view all cases within your organization, this functionality will no longer be available due to system limitations. We are actively working to add this functionality back into the system for customers who use this regularly. 

The file upload limit from email and within the My Workspace ONE portal has been changed to 10 MB per file. If you have larger files that need to be added to your case, you can use the FTP upload process outlined here


Changes to the My Workspace ONE Knowledge Base

All Workspace ONE content will continue to be surfaced by using the search functionality within My Workspace ONE. If a knowledge base article is clicked, the article will now open in kb.vmware.com, rather than within the My Workspace ONE portal. 

Customers will no longer need to switch between Resources and Solutions to find all relevant content as these will both be included in the universal search. 

The ability to subscribe to sections within the knowledge base will no longer be available after this migration. This change means that customers will no longer receive notifications when new content is posted to the knowledge base. Customers can still subscribe to articles in order to receive updates using the RSS subscription function in the Actions panel on the right side of the article in kb.vmware.com. We will also be phasing out the Workspace ONE Weekly Knowledge Base Digest with the move to our new system. We know these features are important to many of our customers, and we are actively working to improve this functionality in our unified systems.

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