ABRW-171820: NTLMv2 authentication fails in Workspace ONE Web for Android




Version Identified

Workspace ONE Web for Android



Workspace ONE Web for Android leverages the Android System WebView that comes bundled with Android OS, as its rendering engine. The system WebView is updated through the Play Store by updating Google Chrome (or Android System WebView if Chrome is disabled). We have identified an issue with the latest version of WebView v76 (76.0.3809.111) which impacts Workspace ONE Web. This issue prevents NTLMv2 authentication from functioning with Workspace ONE Web. This type of authentication works as expected when used with WebView v75 and earlier.


Customer Impact

Users attempting to access a website which requires NTLMv2 authentication will be unable to login after entering their credentials. Multiple authentication failures may result in directory account lockouts.



If possible, use an alternate authentication method for the website other than NTLMv2.

Users should also disable automatic updates to Chrome in order to minimize the impact of this issue and to limit the number of affected devices. One method is to disable auto updates in Chrome:

  1. Opening Google Play
  2. Selecting Chrome
  3. Opening the overflow menu (3 dots)
  4. And unchecking Enable Auto Update.


The issue can be remediated on affected devices by uninstalling the most recent updates for Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the device settings
  2. Then go to Apps > Chrome
  3. Tap the Overflow menu (3 dots)
  4. Then tap Uninstall Updates
    Note: This action will downgrade Chrome to the factory version that came bundled with the device when it was purchased.

Note: This workaround only works if the factory chrome version is between v68 and v75 as NTLMv2 support was added in WebView v68.


Fix Version

Our Product team is engaged and the issue has been escalated to Google. The issue (995711) can be monitored for real time updates.

Other Languages: 日本語

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