App Updates in Workspace ONE Assist 5.2 (formerly VMware Advanced Remote Management)


Workspace ONE Assist (formerly VMware Advanced Remote Management) 5.2 is now available for Windows 10, Android and Windows CE/Mobile devices.

At a high level, the following changes were introduced in version 5.2:

  1. Renamed and rebranded Advanced Remote Management to Workspace ONE Assist
  2. Extended Workspace ONE Assist to support Windows 10 platform in addition to Android, iOS, and Windows CE/Mobile.
  3. Extended support for AE enrolled BYO and COPE devices on Android 
  4. Enhanced Privacy and Security control with the application

Customer Impact

In order to extend our support on Android BYOD and enhance Privacy and Security control within the Android application, changes were made on both the Assist Agent and the OEM specific Assist Service application.

While changes are made to the Assist agent for every release, the OEM specific Assist Service application is changed only when enhancements are required to the core services provided. Hence the versioning of the Assist Service doesn’t always coincide with the Assist agent.

For our 5.2 release, the Assist agent version will be 5.2, However, the Android Service version will remain 2.3. To experience full remote control on Android devices, download the Assist agent and the OEM specific Assist service application from the My Workspace ONE portal and follow the included instructions.

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