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Posted on August 12th, 2019


Product Announcements

Improvements to the AirWatch Device Scheduler Service
Our Product team has worked to improve the resiliency of the service to account for temporary losses in connection to the Workspace ONE UEM Database. The AirWatch Device Scheduler service initiates and manages the execution of jobs that occur on a periodic basis. The time period between execution of these jobs can vary from several minutes to days. To ensure that the relevant workflows are triggered in a timely manner, the AirWatch Device Scheduler service checks and updates the status of the jobs in the Workspace ONE UEM Database at a high frequency.

Introducing Workspace ONE Assist 5.2 for Windows 10
What’s New

  • Workspace ONE Assist (formerly VMware Advanced Remote Management) now supports Windows 10 platform in addition to Android, iOS, and Windows CE/Mobile.
  • Tools Supported for Windows 10.
    • Share Screen: Allows view and control of remote device screen.
    • Manage Files: Provides access to file system on the remote device.
    • Remote Shell: Provides access to Power shell interface on the remote device.
  • Notable Features.
    • Virtual on-screen keyboard.
    • Shortcuts to commonly used settings and applications.
    • Enhanced privacy and security features like mandatory PIN entry authentication, Persistent notifications, and end user control like pause and resume session.
    • Multiple monitor support.
    • Detailed device, app, and process related information available for export.
    • Automatic reconnection after reboot and network interruptions.

Introducing Workspace ONE AirLift version 2.0.1
What’s New

  • AMST-19266: Added support for configurable Web Proxy for AirWatch API communication
  • AMST-19263: Added support to easily collect logs for troubleshooting

Bugs Fixed

  • AMST-18396: Fixed an issue with globalization when using Chinese Simplified locale
  • AMST-18241: Fixed an issue with multitext elements in policies
  • AMST-18239: Fixed an issue with translation in local security policies
  • AMST-18240: Fixed an issue with account password policies

Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 5.9.1 for iOS
What’s New

  • BINXI-11432: QuickJoin for Online Meetings
    This feature, as an extension of OneTap Dialing, brings Skype, WebEx and Zoom meeting links into the quick info at the top of meetings for one tap joining of online meetings.

Console administrators must manage custom user and admin roles when upgrading Workspace ONE UEM
Custom roles allow Workspace ONE UEM administrators to customize as many unique roles as required, and to tweak large or small changes across different users and administrators. Custom roles, however, must be manually maintained by the customer admin over time and updated with new features. Workspace ONE administrators must back up their custom roles periodically as they may be affected by console upgrades. More information can be found in the full article text.

Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.8 for iOS
What’s New

  • IBRW-171593: Download manager now supports additional file types
  • IBRW-171562: All open tabs will be closed if clear cookies and history on inactivity is set to enabled and Workspace ONE Web will return to home page/landing page.

Bugs Fixed

  • IBRW-171663: Sites from Workspace ONE catalog are not launching when Workspace ONE Web is in kiosk mode

End of General Support for AirWatch Container
The AirWatch Container application for iOS and Android will reach End of General Support on August 9th, 2020. All customers that have devices enrolled using the AirWatch Container app in their environment should migrate these users to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub prior to the End of General Support date.

The AirWatch Container app is not compatible with Android Q
With the upcoming end of support for AirWatch Container app, the AirWatch Container app for Android will not be compatible with Android Q. AirWatch Container will start crashing after a device upgrades to Android Q. Additionally, Workspace ONE SDK features, compromise detection, installation of new apps, Workspace ONE UEM Console check-in and data reporting to the Workspace ONE UEM console will stop working.

The AirWatch Container app for iOS is not fully compatible with iOS 13
With the upcoming end of support for AirWatch Container app, the AirWatch Container app for iOS will not be fully compatible with iOS 13. Devices updating to iOS 13 with AirWatch Container enrollment will be automatically flagged as compromised and will be wiped if the Compromise Protection flag has been enabled in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Turning off the Compromise Protection flag will avoid this behavior, but it is not recommended as this change will disable the check for any other device with Workspace ONE productivity apps or apps with Workspace ONE SDK integrated into them and could allow compromised devices to access corporate resources.

Introducing Workspace ONE 3.4 for Windows 10
What’s New 

  • AMST-12276: Improved App Installation Statuses in the Catalog.
    • Statuses in the catalog view change from pending to installed as soon as the local installation is complete because the Workspace ONE app can now update the status directly on the UI server.
    • Catalog view installation statuses always match statuses in the Installation Monitor.

Bugs Fixed 

  • HW-96832: Fixed an issue where auto assigned apps showed as Installing even though the app was not queued to be installed.
  • HW-99671: Fixed an issue where two records for auto assigned apps would show in the Installation Monitor.
  • HW-97529: Fixed an issue that occurred when an installed app was updated by the Workspace ONE UEM console, but the Installation Monitor displayed the incorrect installation history for the previous version of the app.
  • HW-97443: Fixed an issue where apps queued but failed to install successfully and showed the wrong status (Installing instead of Install).
  • HW-96762: Fixed an issue where the Installation Monitor might not show after an uninstall command was queued and executing.
  • HW-100252: Fixed an issue where an install status could flip from Installing to Installed, and then back to Installing.
  • HW-97551: Fixed an issue where the Downloading status was not shown in the Installation Monitor with the latest version of SFD agent.
  • HW-97809: Fixed an issue where the status in the Installation Monitor remained in Waiting status when the installation failed.
  • HW-96837: Fixed an issue where the app installation state sent by the SFD agent was not correctly recognized by the Workspace ONE app.
  • HW-97503: Fixed an issue where the Installation Monitor no longer showed the dependent apps for a Win32 app.

Known Issues

  • HW-96721: Workspace ONE app might crash during the OOBE experience on Windows 10 1803 (RS4).


Known Issues

ENS-2820: Sporadic Notification Loss for Workspace ONE Boxer in environments using Workspace ONE Email Notification Service 2 (ENS2) for On Premises Installations
Users may experience sporadic loss of notifications from Workspace ONE Boxer on devices enrolled in environments utilizing Workspace ONE Email Notifications Service 2 for On Premises Installations. More information about the issue and workaround steps can be found in the full article text.

ISDK-173348: Workspace ONE Web 7.8 for iOS fails to retrieve SDK settings
Customers updating or installing iOS Web 7.8 may encounter the error: Unable to initialize due to missing profile. This issue impacts environments using Workspace ONE 1903 and earlier. Please subscribe to the linked article to be notified once a fix version is available. 



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