The AirWatch Container app is not compatible with Android Q


With the upcoming end of support for AirWatch Container app, the AirWatch Container app for Android will not be compatible with Android Q.

More information about more upcoming changes in Android Q can be found in a separate knowledge base post.

Customer Impact

AirWatch Container will start crashing after a device upgrades to Android Q. Additionally, Workspace ONE SDK features, compromise detection, installation of new apps, Workspace ONE UEM Console check-in and data reporting to the Workspace ONE UEM console will stop working.
For devices that will receive Android Q, we recommend unenrolling from the AirWatch Container and using Android Enterprise Work Profile enrollment via the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.



Minimum Requirements

  • Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.5+
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 9.0+ for Android
    Note: It is recommended to use the latest version of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from the Google Play Store

On the Workspace ONE UEM Console

  • Enable Android Enterprise (under Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Android EMM Registration).
    Note: Instructions for enabling Android Enterprise can be found here.
  • Use the message template on the Workspace ONE UEM console to instruct the user to enroll using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.

Instructions for the End User

  • Uninstall the AirWatch Container app.
  • Download the latest Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for Android from the Google Play store.
  • Launch the Workspace ONE Hub app.
  • Enroll into Android Enterprise Work Profile using the information sent in the activation email.
  • Step by step instructions to enroll a device into Work Profile can be found here.


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The Workspace ONE Team

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