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Posted on August 19th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.8.1 for iOS
Bugs Fixed

  • ISDK-173348: New enrollment with Workspace ONE Web 7.8 for iOS fails to retrieve SDK settings.


Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07 for Android
What’s New

  • AAGNT-186454: Clear App Data on Check-in using MX Framework.
  • AAGNT-185548: Legacy Android to Android Enterprise (Work Profile) Migration.
  • HUB-1991: Native UI for Hub catalog

Bugs Fixed

  • AAGNT-186614: If Launcher profile pushed thru Products, Launcher app download fails
  • AAGNT-186529: If one product is force reprocessed, then the next all normal products are treated as force reprocess until Intelligent Hub is killed and reopen
  • AAGNT-186518: Request debug log not working for Panasonic FZ-B2 devices
  • AAGNT-186465: [KME-DO] Intelligent Hub prompts for GroupID when KME MDM profile json contains groupid
  • AAGNT-186354: Unable to enroll Android device (Legacy) with Intelligent Hub 19.04 using QR code when 'Push Service App from Play Store' is enabled
  • AAGNT-186350: Public key certificates are not getting installed in Zebra TC51 devices
  • AAGNT-185619: Removing restriction profile turns on Unknown Sources on Zebra TC70x device.
  • AAGNT-184949: Enrollment: Universal barcode enrollment is not working (Rapid Deployment Client)
  • AAGNT-183852: Job stuck in intermediate state when device does not have enough memory to download File&Actions/Apps


Introducing VMware Zebra MX Service 4.3 for Android
What’s New

  • AAGNT-186454: Clear App Data on Check-in using MX Framework
  • AAGNT-186456: Update MX Service to Target SDK 27 for Play Store compatibility

 Bugs Fixed

  • AAGNT-186607: Zebra Certificate install failure in Android 7.0 and above devices


Introducing VMware AirWatch MDM Agent for Windows Mobile/CE
Bugs Fixed

  • WMAGNT-3994: Services.exe crashes upon pushing cert based Wi-Fi profile through product


Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will end support for Android OS 4.3.x in October 2019
Starting in October 2019, new releases of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will no longer support Android 4.3.x. Enrolled devices will not be impacted when the new releases become available in the Google Play store. The devices will simply not update to the newest version and remain on the existing the version of the software. 

End of Support for Windows 7 devices enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM
Windows 7 devices in Workspace ONE UEM will reach End of Support Life on January 14th, 2020.  On this date, Workspace ONE UEM will no longer guarantee full support for any Windows 7 devices currently enrolled, or new devices attempting to enroll in environments.  It is possible that existing devices may become unenrolled, lose connectivity to the console, or stop checking in after upgrading to a Workspace ONE UEM version released after the End of Support Life date.

Apple to deprecate on December 1st, 2019
With the launch of Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, the device enrollment program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) will be moved to a new website. Apple stopped new enrollments to were no longer accepted as of August 2018. The already partly deprecated legacy program will continue to operate as-is until December 1st, 2019. Links to additional resources can be found in the full article text.

Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.7.1 for iOS (Swift)
What’s New

  • ISDK-173348: Resolved an issue where SDK apps were failing to complete the initialization process on Workspace ONE UEM console versions 1903 and older.


Select VMware Workspace ONE Android Productivity Applications are ending support for Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) in October 2019
In order to focus on incorporating functionality available in newer versions of the Android OS, some VMware Workspace ONE Productivity Apps (Boxer, Web, Notebook, Content, and Tunnel) for Android will be ending support for Android 5.0 “Lollipop” (released in 2014) in upcoming releases. 

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence August 14th, 2019 Release
What’s New

  • Now find Apteligent by VMware apps in the Apps section instead of the Settings section.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs.

Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.7 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • ASDK-170818: Resolved an issue where copy and paste restrictions were intermittently not being applied for WebView content.
  • ASDK-170770: Resolved an issue where tunneling was failing in scenarios with Workspace ONE UEM console 1907.
  • ASDK-170916: Resolved an issue where the sample app crashed in the integrated authentication activity when tunnel was enabled.


Known Issues

HUB-2991: DPC Identifier enrollment using afw#hub and Zero-Touch enrollment are not working due to a 500 error
Devices fail to complete the enrollment process due to a 500 error which causes the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to get stuck during the enrollment process.


SaaS Operations

Maintenance Notification for Workspace ONE Deployments using Stage Now EMM Connect
All OS maintenance activity for the Stage Now API Server was performed on Saturday, August 17th, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST (1 hour outage) for all regions.

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