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Posted on August 5th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing Workspace ONE Content 3.19 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • ASCL-174918:Editing the file and performing the SAVE operation is not working.
  • ASCL-174916: Unable to move files from Personal Content to a writable admin repository on UEM Console 1905 version.

Known Issues

  • ASCL-174919: While editing the PDF and Microsoft Office files, pressing save from the prompt when exiting without save crashes the app. Save must be performed from the left menu.

Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 5.9 for iOS
What’s New

  • BINXI-4634: NIAP Certification
  • BINXI-7360 FastSync (Key Sync Escrow)
    • To improve the background syncing and speed of subsequent syncs, we are introducing the option called FastSync which sends down the key to decrypt the key opening the encrypted Boxer database.
    • To enable FastSync:
      • Key: ENSEnableKeyEscrow (int)
      • Value: 0 (default, for disabled) or 1 (to enable)
    • To set the expiration time in hours where Boxer will no longer get the key use below
      • Key: ENSKeyEscrowExpiry (int)
      • Value: 48 (default)
    • To standardize the configuration of our productivity applications, In the near future Boxer will be defaulting the key AppForceActivateSSO (bool) to true. Please make sure to test that your environment still works with this key enabled before we change the default. Please test Login flows, passcode, and copy-in restriction. More information on AppForceActivateSSO can be found in the Boxer Admin guide.
  • BETA BINXI-10707: Enterprise Content in Boxer
    Note: this feature is still in BETA and we are making constant improvements. Any and all feedback is welcome.
    • This feature requires the key AppForceActivateSSO to be set to “true”.
    • This feature brings parts of the Workspace ONE Content app into Boxer for viewing attachments, attaching to emails and saving from emails to online repositories.
    • If you have Workspace ONE Content setup, the same repositories will show up.
    • If you do not have Content setup, please setup the repositories in the Console.
    • Please contact us at for the KVP if you would like to try out enterprise content.

Bugs Fixed

  • BINXI-11339: HTML opened is displayed in Cyrillic instead of Hebrew.
  • BINXI-11297: Crash after S/MIME certificates are downloaded to the device.
  • BINXI-11352: Quoted text goes missing when email with attachment is saved as draft and forwarded.
  • BINXI-11449: Sub-folder gets named with a number rather than the folder name.
  • BINXI-11444: Missing space before hyperlink in Sent folder.
  • BINXI-8425: Mail with large attachment stuck in outbox, no failure prompt.
  • BINXI-11538: Previewed PDF file disappearing when rotating from landscape to portrait.
  • BINXI-11059: Meeting notes are cut in landscape mode.
  • BINXI-11495: Preview of an email looks wrong.
  • BINXI-11527: TabBar stays after rotating iPhone to landscape and returning to portrait.
  • BINXI-11539: Fetching availability typo.

Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.7 for Android
What’s New

  • ABRW-171693: All open tabs will be closed if clear cookies and history on inactivity is set and Web will return to home page/landing page.
  • ABRW-171729: When using Web in Kiosk mode, Clear Cookies and History, if idle under General settings, will not be honored. In order to achieve similar functionality, admin will need to enable both Return Home After Inactivity + Clear Cookies and History with Home under kiosk settings.

Bugs Fixed

  • ABRW-171764: Keyboard not shown on a particular site
  • ABRW-171697: Unable to proxy traffic on android Q device

Known Issues

  • ABRW-171762: On Android Q, downloading a file from a site enabled for Integrated Auth fails intermittently when going through proxy. More information about this and other known issues with Android Q can be found here.

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07 for iOS
What’s New

  • Ability to Add Category Carousels in App Catalog: Add a new section of Custom type in the Customization section of Hub Services. The Hub displays the custom category as a carousel.
  • Ability to Display Custom Categories in Admin-defined Order: Reorder the custom categories within the Category List through Hub Services. The Hub now displays the admin-defined order.
  • Ability to Promote Custom Categories: Elevate a category to the promotion banner. In Hub Services, switch Promotions to Categories and add custom categories.
  • Container to Hub Registered Mode Migration: Customers with legacy AirWatch Container can perform an in-place migration to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Hub Registered Mode).
    • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07 for iOS
    • Workspace ONE UEM Console 18.11+
    • Registered Mode Enabled (Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Management Mode > iOS > Enabled)
    • Hub Services configured with Hub Catalog (iOS) enabled is Highly Recommended
  • Geofencing Enhancement: Hub provides an updated location data sample to the Workspace ONE UEM Console and deploys an appropriate geofencing profile when the device regains network connection.

 Bugs Fixed

  • HUBI-2317: Ability to reset SDK Password while in Airplane Mode
  • HUBI-1935: Failure to login for Single Advanced Staging if both staging and end user has Staging enabled
  • HUBI-2637: Virtual app fails to launch when using non-password auth method (e.g. RADIUS)
  • HUBI-2647: Search does not return results for app description
  • HUBI-2645: Support section missing from app details screen
  • HUBI-2646: Feedback section missing from app details screen
  • HUBI-2642: Some translation strings are not loaded in app catalog
  • HUBI-2329: Half-swiping the vIDM auth screen reloads the screen
  • HUBI-2357: Hub intermittently fails to send APNs token
  • HUBI-2451: Invalid error message when end user mistypes password during device check out
  • HUBI-2612: User avatar image fails to update
  • HUBI-2360: Device shows as enrolled after removing management while the Wi-Fi is off

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence July 31st, 2019 Release
What’s New

  • VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector 1907 now supports high availability. Leverage this feature to ensure continuous synchronization of data between your Workspace ONE UEM database and Workspace ONE Intelligence.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs.

Introducing Workspace ONE Notebook 1.1 for Android
What’s New

  • ANOTE-67: Support for Modern Authentication with Exchange
  • ANOTE-70: Redesigned editor mode
  • ANOTE-171: Added user agent string to notebook
  • ANOTE-191: Support for self-signed certificates

Introducing Workspace ONE Notebook 1.1 for iOS
What’s New

  • INOTE-126: Support for Modern Authentication

Announcing Workspace ONE UEM 1907 for On-Premises
The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that the VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1907 installer has been extended to On-Premises customers and is now available for download in My Workspace ONE here.
For additional information, please see the Workspace ONE UEM 1907 release notes available in VMware Docs.


Known Issues

AAGNT-185820: Internal Apps fail to install when 'Allow Google Play' is disabled and 'Allow Disabling Application Verification' is also disabled
When Allow Google Play restriction is disabled and Allow Disabling Application Verification restriction is also disabled, Internal Apps will fail to install on Android devices. For workaround information, please see the full article text.


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