Intelligent Hub 19.08 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues

AAGNT-186612: COPE enrollment is failing on Android O devices.
AAGNT-186643: Email Password required notification is NOT displayed for the first time when profile lands
AAGNT-186725: Clicking 'Reprocess Products' after upgrade from 9.0.1 to 19.08, crashes the Hub app.
AAGNT-186447: Files/Actions-> Files are not listing out under device details screen.
AAGNT-186096: Device does not install or connect to cert based wifi on sending Passcode Profile and Wifi Cert together in same product
AAGNT-186646: Android HUB - AE Profile Owner keeps showing knox activation dialog although accepted previously
AAGNT-186641: Android - Power Status not displayed
AAGNT-186669: WiFi IP address is not populating for some devices under Device Details > More > Network
AAGNT-186695: Android Hub is using Location permission when it is disabled in Privacy settings.
AAGNT-186589: Request Device Log is not working for System > Timed option in devices supporting POEM
AAGNT-186728: Hub crashes upon clicking on Beta option under About in Lollipop and below devices


Resolved Issues in the Build 27

Unable to parse/send app config type 'string-array' when inside of app config type 'bundle'


Known Issues

AAGNT-186731: Android Rugged: [RD Client] Product zero for Advanced Barcode staging fails
AAGNT-186740: Agent fails to register work account after enterprise reset 
AAGNT-186686: Hub 19.08 : Uninstall Activity is not appearing upon click on personal side

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