The AirWatch Container app for iOS is not fully compatible with iOS 13


With the upcoming end of support for AirWatch Container app, the AirWatch Container app for iOS will not be fully compatible with iOS 13.


Customer Impact 

Devices updating to iOS 13 with AirWatch Container enrollment will be automatically flagged as compromised and will be wiped if the Compromise Protection flag has been enabled in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Turning off the Compromise Protection flag will avoid this behavior, but it is not recommended as this change will disable the check for any other device with Workspace ONE productivity apps or apps with Workspace ONE SDK integrated into them and could allow compromised devices to access corporate resources.

Before devices upgrading to iOS 13, administrators can migrate AirWatch Container users to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.  The migration will allow users to seamlessly move to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in Registered mode (equivalent to Container Mode).



Minimum Requirements

  • Workspace ONE UEM 1811+
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07+ for iOS
  • Device enrolled using AirWatch Container
  • Workspace ONE Hub Services with iOS App Catalog

On the Workspace ONE UEM Console

  • Enable Registered mode for iOS on the Workspace ONE UEM console (under Settings Devices & Users > General > Enrollment Management Mode)
  • Create a smart group with the devices enrolled using AirWatch Container

Instructions to the End User

  • Download Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07+ for iOS
  • Launch Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
    Note: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will present a screen informing the user about the migration.
  • After the user accepts the migration prompt, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will guide the user through migration
  • After migrating, the user can delete Container and start using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Video of the migration process

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