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Posted on July 22nd, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware AirWatch MDM Agent 6.5.8 for Windows Mobile and Windows CE
What’s New

  • WMAGNT-3989: Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2s

Bugs Fixed

  • WMAGNT-3986: Check-In On Condition with Wi-Fi fails condition on Intermec devices
  • WMAGNT-3987: Memory leak on MK500 devices (CE)
  • WMAGNT-3988: Agent sends duplicate file/actions to temp and destination directories (CE)

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06 for Android
What's New

  • AAGNT-186280: WPA/WEP/WPA2 - Use MX Wi-Fi Mgr CSP for Zebra device for Wi-Fi with Proxy configuration
  • AAGNT-185031: Report persistent memory total/available as default custom attributes for Zebra devices

Bugs Fixed

  • AAGNT-186462: Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment takes the user to VMware Identity Manager authentication instead of UEM authentication in Check-In Check-Out with VMware Identity Manager.
  • AAGNT-186322: Device ownership options not displaying on Intelligent Hub 19.04 when certain enrollment restriction rule is in place.
  • AAGNT-186511: COPE enrollment issue on Android 8.0 and Android 8.1 with Restriction profile.
  • AAGNT-186126: Device Samples contains zero value causing non-negative required error on device services.
  • AAGNT-186144: Intelligent Hub crashes upon receiving directAgentEnroll intent without data.
  • AAGNT-186290: Launcher profile should be given priority in Intelligent Hub command processing.
  • AAGNT-186115: Certificates with same subject names are not being detected separately during client certificate authentication on Work Profile devices.
  • AAGNT-186119: Bunning -Workspace ONE UEM console unable to show Security patch level with TC75 Android 6.0 with latest patch.
  • AAGNT-186360: Unable to enroll when connected to LAN ONLY with Hub 19.04.
  • AAGNT-186302: Ignore installation of certificate, if UUID is part of VPNServerPublicSslUuidList of Tunnel VPN.
  • AAGNT-186328: Intelligent Hub should consider the latest attribute name when there are multiple same attribute names associated with the application group during sampling.
  • AAGNT-185733: Hub has stopped pop-up displays when device is restarted with encrypted SD card.
  • AAGNT-185980: Wrong job logs when lower version of application is trying to install on the device.
  • HUB-2395: If number of unread notifications exceeds 99, the notification bell is hidden by the notification count.
  • HUB-2396: The notification tab cannot be accessed if the user is on the preferences page.
  • HUB-2364: Fixed some strings that did not have spaces.
  • HUB-2343: Next button on the server URL screen keeps loading if permissions are denied.

Introducing VMware Zebra MX Service 4.2 for Android
What’s New

  • AAGNT-186280: WPA/WEP/WPA2 - Use MX Wi-Fi Mgr CSP instead of addNetwork API for Zebra device for Wi-Fi with proxy configuration.

Introducing VMware AirWatch Relay 3.2 for Android
What’s New 

  • Updated app version to support Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android.

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07 for macOS
What’s New

  • Moved Notification Bell and Badge to the left navigation bar
  • Completed first phase of extensive backend code cleanup and modernization improvements
  • Completed first phase of improvements to Hub logs
  • Completed first phase of ability to upload Hub logs to the Workspace ONE UEM Console (through hubcli send)
  • Enhanced existing anonymized crash reporting

Bugs Fixed

  • HUBM-370: Removal of Remote Management 3.0 support. More information can be found here.
  • HUBM-550: Issues while users enrolling with complex character passwords
  • HUBM-821: During enrollment, Optional text is shown even when Asset Number optional prompt is disabled
  • HUBM-901: Hub notification badge count does not match the notifications within the application
  • HUBM-964: Relay server's authentication is printed in the logs
  • HUBM-1003: macOS BridgeOS updates are not correctly installing with the Hub-initiated reboot
  • HUBM-1021: Unable to enroll with SAML while connected to ethernet enabled for certificate-based authentication
  • HUBM-1064: Hub fails to download internal applications on macOS 10.15 Beta

Introducing Workspace ONE Launcher 4.4.1 for Android
What’s New

  • ALAU-170386: Add Privacy Link to Check In Check Out Login Page
  • ALAU-170446: Launcher should retain staging whitelisted activities after check in
  • ALAU-170459: Launcher should not reset permissions to packages previously set by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on reboot.
  • ALAU-170431: Admin icon to exit Launcher with staging admin passcode
    Bugs Fixed
  • ALAU-170458: Launcher throws a Cannot pin Launcher prompt
  • ALAU-170463: WindowManager$BadTokenException - is your activity running?
  • ALAU-170466: Handle Launcher crash when Docked to DeX
  • ALAU-170468: Clear default screen pops up while docking to Samsung DeX
  • ALAU-170470: Launcher restart on exit after reboot


Introducing Workspace ONE Content 4.18.1 for iOS
What’s New

  • ISCL-177542: Consume Workspace ONE SDK

End of Availability for vIDM Password Vault HTTP basic and HTML form type applications
As we strive to continually deliver new and innovative products, we wish to inform you of the End of Availability (EOA) of HTTP basic and HTML form applications through the VMware Identity Manager password vaulting feature and associated Chrome extension on Monday July 222019. At this time the addition of new HTML form and HTTP basic applications will be disabled. However, existing application records will remain for administrators, and applications will continue to function for end users. Following this change, on September 24, 2019 the password vault service will be disabled. At this time, any existing HTTP basic or HTML form applications will no longer be available in the Workspace ONE catalog. More information can be found in the full article text. 

Removal of VMware Fusion profile for macOS 
VMware originally developed this profile payload for VMware Fusion versions which are no longer fully supported. As such, the payload for the profiles did not support newer versions primarily used in today's production deployments. More information, such as alternatives, can be found in the full article text. 

Introducing Workspace ONE Email Notification Service 2 (ENS2) 1.4 for On Premises Installation
What’s New

  • WMAGNT-3989: Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2s 

Bugs Fixed

  • WMAGNT-3986: Check-In On Condition with Wi-Fi fails condition on Intermec devices
  • WMAGNT-3987: Memory leak on MK500 devices (CE)
  • WMAGNT-3988: Agent sends duplicate file/actions to temp and destination directories (CE)

Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.7 for iOS (Swift)
What’s New

  • ISDK-173155: Added compromised protection improvements.

Introducing Workspace ONE UEM 1907
What's New?

  • Programmatic migration workflows for moving your devices on legacy device administration to Work Profile.
  • Provide beta or development versions of Chrome OS to test pre-release versions prior to general availability.
  • Rotate your recovery keys on-demand for better security compliance.
  • Our new framework supports configuration for the Windows Desktop tunnel client.
  • Looking to keep your Windows 10 devices configured to industry best practices? The Baselines feature is now available to all customers.

For additional information, please refer to the release notes here

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.07 for Windows 10
What’s New

  • AMST-16815: Added support for Baselines
  • AMST-15825: Added improvements to the Hub logs

Bugs Fixed

  • AMST-16317: Fixed an issue where Windows 7 enrollment fails if Terms of Use acceptance is required
  • AMST-18316: Fixed an issue where Intelligent Hub deleted files when installed at a custom path
  • AMST-17173: Fixed an issue where Products failed when delivered through HTTPS relay server
  • AMST-16999: Fixed an issue where sensors validation failed for OOBE flows


Known Issues

[Not In Vision] AAGNT-186527: Android devices running AirWatch Agent 7.2 unenroll if upgraded directly to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06
If a device is running AirWatch Agent version 7.2 and is upgraded directly to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06, the Intelligent Hub’s database becomes corrupted; causing the app to perpetually crash which results in a need to reenroll the device to resolve the issue.

ESC-19126: Android devices using Intelligent Hub 19.06 cannot enroll if 'Allowed IPs' is enabled in the Admin Monitoring settings in Workspace ONE UEM
During enrollment, either when entering an email address or Device Services URL, an error which prevents enrollment is displayed:
Something went wrong with discovery
This error is displayed when the Intelligent Hub attempts to use a Device Services monitoring endpoint to check for the a Workspace ONE UEM version. If the device is blocked from checking the endpoint, enrollment fails.
More information, including a workaround for this issue, can be found in the full article text. 

'Grant all Permissions' permission payload does not work on Android 8.0 and 9.0 devices
The Grant all Permissions option under the Permissions payload does not work for Android Enterprise enrolled devices running Android 8.0 and later.
Note: This issue is also reproducible with Google’s Test DPC app.
More information including a workaround for this issue can be found in the full article text. 

ASDK-170810: SQLCipher crashes on A50 and Motorola One Vision devices
End-users utilizing variations of A50 and Motorola One Vision devices will experience crashes when using Workspace ONE Productivity or custom-built Workspace ONE SDK apps. At this point in time, some variations of these devices have been identified which don't experience crashes. A comprehensive list is not available at this time.

AMST-18797: Windows Updates (WSUS) metadata synchronization fails in Workspace ONE UEM due to SOAP API exception
Workspace ONE UEM is unable to retrieve Windows Updates metadata since the synchronization endpoint has been updated by Microsoft. More info here.


SaaS Operations

Maintenance Notification for Workspace ONE Deployments using Stage Now EMM Connect
All OS maintenance activity for the Stage Now API Server was performed on Saturday, July 20th, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST (1 hour outage) for all regions.


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