'Grant all Permissions' permission payload does not work on Android 8.0 and 9.0 devices

Version Identified

Android 8.0+



The Grant all Permissions option under the Permissions payload does not work for Android Enterprise enrolled devices running Android 8.0 and later.
Note: This issue is also reproducible with Google’s Test DPC app.



The Permissions profile payload allows the configuration of permissions for each app under the Exceptions section. Apps added in the public application can be added under the exception list. The Configure option displays all the permissions that the app supports, and the profile can auto-grant permissions for dangerous permissions on this list. To accept permissions for all apps to work around this issue, apps can be individually added to the exception list. Please refer screenshots.


Fix Version

The VMware Workspace ONE Team has raised this issue with Google who’ve determined that this is an issue with the OS. Google has informed VMware that this issue is expected to be fixed in Android Q (10.0).

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