ESC-19126: Android devices using Intelligent Hub 19.06 cannot enroll if 'Allowed IPs' is enabled in the Admin Monitoring settings in Workspace ONE UEM




Version Identified

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06 for Android



During enrollment, either when entering an email address or Device Services URL, an error which prevents enrollment is displayed:
Something went wrong with discovery

This error is displayed when the Intelligent Hub attempts to use a Device Services monitoring endpoint to check for the a Workspace ONE UEM version. If the device is blocked from checking the endpoint, enrollment fails.



This endpoint is blocking devices when System Settings > Admin > Monitoring > Allowed IPs is in use (only configurable at Global) to whitelist IP addresses. By clearing this field and flushing the cache and followed by IIS reset of the Device Services servers, this whitelisting is disabled and devices are able to check the endpoint again.


Fix Version

The Workspace ONE Product Team is actively engaged with resolving the issue

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