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Posted on July 15th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing Workspace ONE Content 4.18 for iOS
What’s New

  • ISCL-175819: Added the ability to modify the PDF annotations with an eraser tool
  • ISCL-177393: Setting to display PDF in full width when in landscape mode on iPad

Bugs Fixed

  • ISCL-177351: iPhone XR Offline mode status bar is not shown in notch
  • ISCL-177332: Two lines of app logs are generated even when the SDK app logging is disabled
  • ISCL-177440: Clear button and the keypad does not work after the user adds a repository
  • ISCL-177390: Saving SharePoint file to local root drive closes the app
  • ISCL-177394: File location is not shown while saving the file to new destination
  • ISCL-177376: Unable to navigate back from Privacy Dialog in Settings
  • ISCL-177128: Badge count is not updated after downloading the update
  • ISCL-177453: Build number is not shown in About Settings page
  • ISCL-177352: Phone XR menu and User Hub has tapping issues for repository and other options
  • ISCL-175238: Sync label doesn't get updated for auto sync
  • ISCL-177475: Specific PowerPoint file crashes the app
  • ISCL-176762: List of text in a PPT file does not get wrapped
  • ISCL-177022: App freezes when opening a specific .docx file.
  • ISCL-175883: Edits disappear after saving the file
  • ISCL-175994: App freezes when navigating to subsequent PPTX pages
  • ISCL-176629: Unable to launch the file due to memory issues.
  • ISCL-176598: Truncates IP addresses in .csv format.
  • ISCL-176907: App frozen when opening a specific .doc file.
  • ISCL-174113: Comments needs some improvements to match Office
  • ISCL-177125: Insufficient memory error while opening an Excel file
  • ISCL-176957: App crashes on opening a Word document
  • ISCL-175705: Failed to open a specific file
  • ISCL-176906: Edits to word files (doc format) are moving on save
  • ISCL-177076: Editing a specific PPT file increases the size of the file by 10 MB
  • ISCL-177040: Copy in is not happening into Office doc viewer when copy in is enabled
  • ISCL-176740: App crashes while viewing slide shows from large PPT files larger than 11 MB
  • ISCL-177291: App crashes when user tries to take a picture and save it inside any document
  • ISCL-177231: Bar graphs does not render inside a PPTX file
  • ISCL-177422: Texts in Word document is not formatted correctly for a particular content
  • ISCL-177395: Formatting of CSV file is inappropriate
  • ISCL-177380: Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro has French accent issues in Office.

AirWatch Relay will not be supported on Android Q
Android Q has removed Android Beam functionality that is required for AirWatch Relay to support NFC provisioning for Android Enterprise devices. Device-to-device NFC provisioning in Android Enterprise using AirWatch Relay will not be supported in Android Q. Customers should note that NFC Tag based provisioning will still be supported. Please refer to the full article text for more information.
More information about the removal of Android Beam functionality can be found here.

Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.6 for Android
What’s New

  • ASDK-170481: SDK apps on Android Enterprise enrolled devices no longer require the SDK whitelisting process.
  • ASDK-170484: Added security improvements.

Bugs Fixed

  • ASDK-170700: Resolved an issue where SDK tunneling was returning a 407 error in specific scenarios.

Introducing VMware AirWatch App Wrapping Engine 5.6 for iOS and Android
What’s New

  • SWRAP-173306: Wrapping engine now supports wrapping apps built with Gradle 3.0.

Bugs Fixed

  • SWRAP-173261: Resolved a crash associated with tunneling in wrapped Android applications.
  • SWRAP-173310: Resolved an issue where Android wrapping would fail with error 1020.
  • SWRAP-173311: Resolved an issue where Android tunneling was failing for public sites.
  • SWRAP-173297: Resolved an issue with wrapped Xamarin.Forms apps showing a blank screen when launched.
  • SWRAP-173243: Resolved an issue where wrapped Android apps are unable to retrieve settings after logging in.

Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 5.8.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • BINXA-10298: User continues to get prompted for their password when in the background.

Introducing Workspace ONE Tunnel 5.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • PPAT-5404: Resolved issue with profile not getting applied consistently during check-in / check-out.
  • PPAT-5356: Resolved issue where client does not reflect current network state accurately.
  • PPAT-5444: Resolved issue with app configuration keys preventing initial configuration.

Introducing Workspace ONE Content 3.18.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • ASCL-174907: Unable to upload to repository via Content Gateway

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence July 10th, 2019 Release
For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs. 

Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.6 for iOS (Swift)
What’s New

  • ISDK-173157: Added security improvements.

Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.7.1 for iOS
Bugs Fixed

  • IBRW-171596: Addressed the loss of cookies during authentication.


Known Issues

[Resolved] AAGNT-184405: Android 8.1 devices are not prompting to change passcode
If a device already has a passcode, but does not meet the criteria setup in the Passcode profile, the device is does not prompt the user to change the passcode in order to satisfy the requirement. This issue has been fixed in Android 9.0 

Some devices fail Work Profile enrollment with the error 'Couldn’t set up your work profile'
Customers have reported that some device models cannot enroll into work profile even if the device is certified for Google services. The error reads: 

  • Couldn’t set up your work profile. Contact your IT department or try again later.

Follow-up steps for our customers can be found in the full article text.

Using the camera in the work profile on Redmi Note 6 causes a reboot loop that can only be fixed through factory reset

After enrolling a Redmi Note 6 device, using the camera app within the work profile going to causes a system error:

  • has stopped
    Send bug report to Mi for analysis? This report may contain Personally Identifiable information. Your report will be used to help fix this bug and will never be shared in any commercial context.
    View Summary

Tapping on the error will cause a reboot loop that can only be resolved by initiating a factory reset. This issue is also reproducible when using Google’s TestDPC application to simulate the creation of a work profile.

CMSVC-9306: Duplicate users are created in Workspace ONE UEM when added through Directory Services
Scenario 1 [Resolved in Workspace ONE UEM 1904]

  • A Directory User is added to the Workspace ONE UEM Console and the user’s username is later renamed in the Directory. When adding the updated user via the list view page, API, batch import, or during enrollment, a new user record is created in the UEM Console with the same External ID as the renamed user.
    Note: This issue has been fixed in Workspace ONE UEM 1904.

Scenario 2

  • Two Directory users, User A and User B, are added to the Workspace ONE UEM Console. User A is then deleted from the Directory. Renaming User B to User A can cause sync failure and undesired consequences.


Enterprise Integration

SMIME certificate distribution with Workspace ONE UEM
SMIME certificates increase the complexity for certificate distribution as it involves recovering a certificate that may already have been issued and installed on other devices so that users can decrypt and view emails on multiple devices. To distribute a SMIME certificate via MDM protocols, Workspace ONE UEM requires the private key and password to be stored in the database at least temporarily. Alternatives for customers who opt out of temporarily storing the certificate with the private key and password can be found in the full article text. 


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