Intelligent Hub 19.07 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues in Beta2

  • HUB-2886 - Add Apteligent events for Native Catalog
  • HUB-2799 - Clicking on app action button on the card in New/Recommended section scrolls the content back to the first app.
  • HUB-2740 - VIDM auth screen is skippable
  • HUB-2829 - [Intermittently] Thumbs up count is -1
  • HUB-2806 - Nothing displayed if no app icon comes from server
  • HUB-2848 - "Internal app will be pushed shortly" message when installing a public app
  • HUB-2676 - Notifications support on Android Hub with UEM auth (AW+GB mode)
  • HUB-2851 - Scrolling down kicks off a pull to refresh after user scrolls through the promotion banner
  • HUB-2835 - promo banner carousel is jittery
  • HUB-2781 - Blank Account screen is displayed when HUB is launched in airplane mode.
  • HUB-2747 - Full app name is not visible in the search result list.
  • HUB-2700 - Horizon apps takes too long to display the "Install Horizon client" dialog or Open
  • HUB-2826 - Top bar branding getting lost when relaunching the app
  • HUB-2849 - Install button is not responsive
  • HUB-2761 - [Native Catalog] User cannot navigate to other tabs after navigating to a Category list
  • HUB-2802 - [Intermittently] New section category shows wrong apps in GB catalog.
  • HUB-2218 - Native apps - update
  • HUB-2427 - Catalog Home loading animation
  • HUB-2702 - "Requires tunnel" icon looks too big and the text is wrapped
  • HUB-2701 - Horizon app prompts to install Citrix instead of Horizon
  • HUB-2790 - App tile 3-dots doesn't register the click unless it's clicked precisely at the middle. This leads to actually clicking 2-3 times to get the overflow menu.
  • HUB-2750 - Wrong Search info message is shown in the App Search screen.
  • HUB-2784 - [Native Catalog] Label for New Apps is incorrectly being displayed as "NewApps" instead of "New"
  • HUB-2744 - Change "All apps"/"Mobile apps" label in gb catalog to "All Apps" & "Mobile Apps"
  • HUB-2877 - Enable Beta flag permanently
  • HUB-2875 - HUB-2526  App list divider should occupy entire width


Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-184949: Enrollment: Universal barcode enrollment is not working (Rapid Deployment Client)
  • AAGNT-186465: [KME-DO] Hub prompts for GroupID when KME MDM profile json contains groupid
  • AAGNT-186529: If one product is force reprocessed, then the next all normal products are treated as force reprocess until hub is killed and reopen
  • AAGNT-186354: Unable to enroll Android device (Legacy) with Hub 1904 using QR code when 'Push Service App from Play Store' is enabled
  • AAGNT-186518: Request debug log not working for Panasonic FZ-B2 devices
  • AAGNT-183852: Job stuck in intermediate state when device does not have enough memory to download File&Actions/Apps
  • AAGNT-185619: Removing restriction profile turns on Unknown Sources on Zebra TC70x device.


Known Issues

  • AAGNT-186612: COPE enrollment is failing on Android O devices.
  • AAGNT-186613: TC-51[MM] : Barcode Enrollment prompts for GroupID even if Universal barcode flag is disabled
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