CMSVC-9306: Duplicate users are created in Workspace ONE UEM when added through Directory Services




Version Identified

Workspace ONE UEM 1903 and earlier



Scenario 1 [Resolved in Workspace ONE UEM 1904 and Workspace ONE UEM 1903]

A Directory User is added to the Workspace ONE UEM Console and the user’s username is later renamed in the Directory. When adding the updated user via the list view page, API, batch import, or during enrollment, a new user record is created in the UEM Console with the same External ID as the renamed user.
This issue has been fixed in Workspace ONE UEM 1904 and Workspace ONE UEM 1903.


Scenario 2 

Two Directory users, User A and User B, are added to the Workspace ONE UEM Console. User A is then deleted from the Directory. Renaming User B to User A can cause sync failure and undesired consequences.


Fix Version

Our product team is engaged and is actively working to resolve the issue.

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