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Posted on July 8th, 2019

Product Announcement

Introducing Workspace ONE AirLift 2.0 for Windows

What’s New 

  • AMST-12786: Policy translation from Active Directory group policy and third party ADMX to MDM/CSP profiles in Workspace ONE UEM Console.
  • AMST-9561: Added capability to map registry-based detection criteria to the App Export feature.


Introducing Workspace ONE Pull Service 2.0 for Windows & Linux

What’s New

  • RUGG-5900: Pull Service for Windows & Linux in .NET Core.
  • RUGG-5975: Outbound proxy support.
  • RUGG-6089: Support custom discovery text.

Bugs Fixed

  • RUGG-6148: Support a discovery text of 512 characters length.


Introducing VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.6

What’s New in this version

  • UAG-4418: Secure Email Gateway now a supported edge service.
  • UAG-4316: Horizon and Web Reverse Proxy support for RADIUS authorization restriction based on class attribute
  • UAG-4602: Support for configuring NTP servers
  • UAG-4601: Support for SNMP monitoring of Tunnel gateway
  • UAG-2512: Support for modifying static routes and resolv.conf
  • UAG-2754: Support for SAML JWT artifact validation with Horizon connection server


Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence July 3rd, 2019 Release

What’s New

  • Improved run times in the report generator allowing users to run and download reports significantly faster.
  • Improved performance of the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector Service for initial and updated data syncs.
  • Added filters to custom and regular dashboards so you can sort data according to the integration and type. For example use tags for VMware Workspace ONE UEM, Apteligent by VMware, Horizon, and VMware Identity Manager.
  • Added new data to the Sync Status page to report the last sync time and the last export per category.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs.


Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 5.8 for iOS

What’s New  

  • To standardize the configuration of our productivity applications, in an upcoming release, Workspace ONE Boxer will be defaulting the key AppForceActivateSSO (bool) to true. Please make sure to test that your environment still works with this key enabled before we change the default. More information on AppForceActivateSSO can be found in the Workspace ONE Boxer Admin Guide
  • BINXI-10955: Phishing Reporting
    We are introducing support for phishing reporting to an email address. When reported via swipe gesture or tap on the phishing item in the action menu, the email will be forwarded to the specified email below as a .eml and deleted from the device
  • BINXI-10707 (beta): Enterprise Content in Workspace ONE Boxer
    Note: this feature is still in BETA and we are making constant improvements. Any and all feedback is welcome.
    • This feature brings parts of the VMware Workspace ONE Content app into Workspace ONE Boxer for viewing attachments, attaching to emails and saving from emails to online repositories.
    • If you have Workspace ONE Content setup, the same repositories will show up
    • If you do not have Content setup, please setup the repositories in the Console.
    • Please contact us at for the KVP if you would like to try out enterprise content.
  • BINXI-7360 (beta): FastSync (Key Sync Escrow)
    To improve the background syncing and speed of subsequent syncs, we are introducing the option called FastSync which sends down the key to decrypt the key opening the encrypted Workpsace ONE Boxer database.
    • To enable FastSync:
      • Key: ENSEnableKeyEscrow (int)
      • Value: 0 (default, for disabled) or 1 (to enable)
    • To set the expiration time in hours where Workspace ONE Boxer will no longer get the key use below
      • Key: ENSKeyEscrowExpiry (int)
      • Value: 48 (default)

Bugs Fixed

  • BINXI-10368: "To" and "Body" of separate emails are mixed in one email when syncing from server.
  • BINXI-11254: Emails with attachment get stuck in outbox if network change mid upload
  • BINXI-11377: Crash on email action, then on subsequent launches
  • BINXI-11330: Unable to receive email notifications for a few devices.
  • BINXI-11368: Email continuously scrolling
  • BINXI-8532: Unable to send signed email. User is getting server response for invalid characters
  • BINXI-11269: Passcode does not work after locking managed email account
  • BINXI-10489: Email Sync Period does not work properly.
  • BINXI-11344: Calendar displaying day of month on incorrect day of week on iPhone, crash on iPad
  • BINXI-10832: Failure to send attachments while forwarding emails by including attachments and body
  • BINXI-9881: Local Contact not showing the address
  • BINXI-11278: Local Contact Email and Address type is not correct in imported local contacts
  • BINXI-11393: User asked to Re-authenticate frequently in OAuth.


Known Issues

AMST-18272: Database connection failures may lead to unenrollment of Windows 10 devices
If Workspace ONE UEM is unable to retrieve enrollment status information for Windows 10 devices due to database connectivity failure, the device(s) are enterprise wiped to protect company data.

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