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Posted on July 1st, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK Cordova Plugin 1.4 for iOS and Android
What’s New

  • ADES-837: Implemented support for Gradle 3.x (Android)

Bugs Fixed

  • ADES-851: Integrated authentication crashes on Android


Upcoming changes to application status tracking in Workspace ONE UEM
Different areas of Workspace ONE UEM Console that deal with application deployment monitoring have been modified as a part of an upcoming feature enhancement. The goal of these changes is to improve the accuracy of app statuses, by providing information on the true state of the application as reported by device and separate information on actions taken by Workspace ONE UEM.
Note: These changes are currently available only in UAT environments on version 1907 or later.

Use this article to understand issues with the existing model and see a comparison of UI pages before and after the feature changes are enabled.


Upcoming Features in VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services June 2019 Release
The June release of VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services features will include enhanced app catalog curation and better control over push notifications and their content. More information can be found in the full article text. 


Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 5.8 for Android
What’s New

  • To standardize the configuration of our productivity applications, In the near future Boxer will be defaulting the key AppForceActivateSSO to true.
    Please make sure to test that your environment still works with this key enabled before we change the default. More information can be found in the Boxer Admin guide
  • BINXA-9297: Spam Reporting
    • To set the email address where Spam emails will be sent to please use the below KVP
      • Key: AppSpamForwardAddress (string)
      • Value:
    • To delete the email from the user’s device after forwarding please use the below KVP
      • Key: PolicyDeleteOnSpamForward (bool)
      • Value: true (default is false)
  • BINXA-9760: Phishing Reporting
    • We are introducing support for phishing reporting to an email address. When reported via swipe gesture or tap on the phishing item in the action menu, the email will be forwarded to the specified email below as a .eml and deleted from the device
    • To enable:
      • Key: AppPhishEmailAddress (string)
      • Value:
  • BINXA-10060: Support for Modern Authentication with dual factor
  • BINXA-7493: Drag and drop recipient between To, CC, BCC fields
  • BINXA-6893: Support for Contact subfolders
  • BINXA-9547 (BETA): Enterprise Content in Boxer
    • This feature brings parts of the Workspace ONE Content app into Boxer for Viewing attachments, attaching to emails and saving from emails to online repositories.
    • If you have Workspace ONE Content setup, the same repositories will show up
    • If you do not have Content setup, please setup the repositories in the Console.
    • Please contact us at for the KVP if you would like to try out enterprise content.

Bugs Fixed

  • BINXA-9875: [SDK] Unable to use Boxer Passcode after OS upgrade
  • BINXA-7819: Issue with SSO breaking on Android Enterprise.
  • BINXA-8542: Email search is slow
  • BINXA-8221: Delay in sending messages
  • BINXA-9991: Attachments are lost when rich text format emails are forwarded
  • BINXA-9519: Word documents are not aligned correctly when using RTL Numbering.
  • BINXA-10022: Email classifications rankings are not displaying correctly when default classification is set
  • BINXA-9138: Boxer asking for passcode after ~4 minutes
  • BINXA-9808: Inline images are not shown correctly when email send from RTF format.
  • BINXA-9740: Chinese characters not displayed correctly with built-in PDF viewer
  • BINXA-9546: Inbox folder appears twice under the Mailboxes section of the navigation drawer
  • BINXA-10121: Crash when deleting Account from Boxer Settings
  • BINXA-10077: Cannot open deleted emails from the combined trash folder
  • BINXA-9983: G Suite not syncing/displaying folders
  • BINXA-9048: Enable storage access dialogue missing while opening insecure (.apk) attachment from calendar view
  • BINXA-9643: Calendar attachment name runs under vertical ellipsis
  • BINXA-9284: Unable to copy address in an event
  • BINXA-9262: App force closes on clicking on Compose shortcut after app is force stopped
  • BINXA-9615: Keyboard is still visible after sending email to contact from Contacts


Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence June 26th, 2019 Release
What’s New

  • Added Automation support for Device Sensor data.
  • Now you can create real-time Device Sensor Automations to execute workflows supporting VMware Workspace ONE UEM, Slack, and ServiceNow actions.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 3.18 for Android
What’s New

  • ASCL-149684: QR Code Reader for taking in search terms or referencing specific content
  • ASCL-174819: Use DLP Settings for Copy/Paste In & Copy/Paste Out

Bugs Fixed

  • ASCL-174416: Google Play Services prompts on application launch when disabled
  • ASCL-174719: Certain PDF files are not rendering
  • ASCL-174813: Crash on opening a specific PDF
  • ASCL-174330: Unable to render PDF annotation with arrows and text boxes
  • ASCL-174422: Error while opening large Office files
  • ASCL-174337: List of text in a PPT file does not get wrapped
  • ASCL-174711: Cannot open a specific TIF file
  • ASCL-171414: File size increases by around 2MB when the file is edited
  • ASCL-174752: Realme devices crash when an attachment is viewed


Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.7 for iOS
What’s New

  • IBRW-171526: When using Web in Kiosk mode, Clear Cookies and History if idle under General settings will not be honored. In order to achieve similar functionality, the admin will need to enable both Return Home After Inactivity + Clear Cookies and History with Home under kiosk settings.

Bugs Fixed

  • IBRW-171524: Resolved rendering issue with a particular internal Sharepoint site
  • IBRW-171523: Create PDF creates a blank PDF
  • IBRW-171510: Inconsistent behavior when submitting a form on a particular website


Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06 for iOS
What’s New

  • Native UI - App Catalog (HUBI-1669, HUBI-1980, HUBI-2140, HUBI-2175, HUBI-2176, HUBI-2178) – Introducing a revamped App Catalog version. In this version, the catalog is switched to an updated UI rendering providing an experience that is more responsive and consistent with Apple iOS UI framework.
    This feature is enabled by default for the end users. To toggle on or off the native iOS rendering of the App Catalog, go to Account > This Device > Preferences > Native Catalog.
  • Auto Enablement of Configured Mobile Flows Connectors(HUBI-1820) – If Mobile Flows Connectors and Notification Service are enabled, the Hub auto enables the device to receive notifications for all the enabled connectors.
  • Intelligent Hub Graceful Handling of UEM Service Outage (HUBI-2163) – Hub informs if there are limited access to the services (for example, if the UEM Console is unavailable due to an upgrade).

Bugs Fixed

  • HUBI-1934: Force closing Hub app could reset failed attempt count
  • HUBI-2324: App crashes when GET button is pressed on Promotion Banner
  • HUBI-2254: Apps and People tabs fail to load content
  • HUBI-2263: Entering incorrect username fails to show user friendly warning
  • HUBI-2301: LBUS username is not shown after enrollment
  • HUBI-2306: iOS 12.2+ enrollments experience a delay in Device Services status API
  • HUBI-2431: Snack bar message fails to open in Notifications tab
  • HUBI-1699: Extensive UI requests from Hub to Hub Services
  • HUBI-1783: UI issue in the Device Not Approved screen
  • HUBI-1923: Icons overlap text fields on IDM auth screen
  • HUBI-2154: Percentage format of battery level not localized for Turkish and Arabic


Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 19.4.2 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • ASDK-170698: Resolved an intermittent issue where SQLCipher databases used in the Workspace ONE SDK were being corrupted on an upgrade.


.NET Core support in Workspace ONE UEM 1902+
Workspace ONE UEM 1902 and later have components that leverage .NET Core 2.2.x for functionality. It should be noted that the packaged versions of .NET Core in On-Premises releases of the Workspace ONE UEM Console are updated, however there could be an overlap of time where the version of .NET included with the Console installer is older than the latest available version of .NET Core.

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