Technical Requirements and New Features in 19.07 Beta

New Features

  • Moved Notification Bell and Badge to left nav bar
  • Completed first phase of extensive backend code cleanup and modernization improvements
  • Completed first phase of improvements to Hub logs
  • Completed first phase of ability to upload Hub logs to the UEM Console (via hubcli send)
  • Enhanced existing anonymized crash reporting to other subsystems


Technical Requirements

  • UEM Console: 1904+

  • Device side: macOS 10.12+



  • Typical enrollment flows used in your organization
    • SAML Authentication with certificates
  • Typical software distribution flows used in your organization
  • Software Update flows on T2 Macs with BridgeOS updates
  • Adding new apps and sending notifications should show correct notification badge count
  • Hub Log uploads to the UEM Console using `hubcli send --logs`. The files should be available in Device Details > Attachments tab.
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