Resolved/Known Issues in 19.07 Beta


Resolved Issues in Beta2 (available on July 3rd)

  • HUBM-1021 - Unable to enroll with SAML while connected to ethernet enabled for certificate-based authentication

Resolved Issues

  • HUBM-370 - Removal of support for Remote Management 3.0
  • HUBM-550 Issues enrolling with users with complex character passwords
  • HUBM-821 During enrollment, "Optional" text is shown even when asset number optional prompt is disabled
  • HUBM-901 Hub notification badge count does not match notifications in app
  • HUBM-964 Relay server's authentication is printed in the logs
  • HUBM-1003 macOS BridgeOS update not correctly installing with the Hub-initiated reboot
  • HUBM-1021 Issues enrolling with SAML & certificate-based authentication
  • HUBM-1064 Hub fails to download Internal Applications on macOS 10.15 Beta

Known Issues

  • HUBM-1144 macOS Hub reports crash logs after upgrade even when data sharing is off
  • HUBM-1164 hubcli send logs should error out when collect Crash Reports is disabled in console Hub Settings
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