Upcoming Features in VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services June 2019 Release


The June release of VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services features will include enhanced app catalog curation and better control over push notifications and their content.


Enhanced App Catalog Curation

The Hub Services Console Customization page now supports the creation of custom sections in the app catalog. The Custom section user experience is just like the current New or Recommend app sections

Custom sections are powered by app categories. Admins can choose:

  • Which sections to display
  • The number of sections to display
  • The order in which to display the categories
  • Customization for App Catalog also features the ability for admins to manage the order of the catalog category list. Admins can easily move the most important app categories to the top of the list for easier discoverability and can change the list at any time. If needed, it is simple to reset the list back to alphabetical order.

Note: The new Hub Catalog curation features appear in the web catalog and Hub for macOS. These features will soon also be available in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS and Android.


Improved Control Over Push Notification Content

Push notifications for the Intelligent Hub app will now display the notification title and message content. You can limit the push notification to only display the title in the Hub Services console Notifications page.

Other Languages: 日本語

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