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Posted on June 17th, 2019


Product Announcements

Upcoming Enhancements to Managing User Installed iOS Apps
To improve the administrator experience, a new enhancement is being added to which will automatically convert apps already installed by the users to managed, but not automatically installing them if they were not previously installed by the user. More details about the enhancement and changes to existing processes can be found in the full article text.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Launcher 4.4 for Android
What’s New

  • ALAU-170285: Ability to whitelist any package on the Workspace ONE Launcher Check In Check Out login screen.
  • ALAU-170279: Workspace ONE Launcher default whitelisting of ARM File Manager.
  • ALAU-170161: Allow Wildcard Pattern in Miscellaneous App mode to automatically whitelist applications.

Bugs Fixed

  • ALAU-170423: Allow staging custom setting not working after profile edit.
  • ALAU-170414: Group ID is not reflecting correctly on Check Out with user group mapping scenario.
  • ALAU-170399: Workspace ONE Launcher gets checked in after restart.
  • ALAU-170397: [EC30] Images not visible when Help option is launched in Landscape mode.
  • ALAU-170394: Workspace ONE Launcher branding not working with vIDM Authentication.
  • ALAU-170389: Auto logout does not happen on Workspace ONE Launcher with VIDM.
  • ALAU-170388: Zebra EC30 - Icons are getting cropped and Overlapped when device is in Landscape mode of Workspace ONE Launcher.
  • ALAU-170376: Workspace ONE Launcher triggers wallpaper download twice.
  • ALAU-170372: Crash during logout.
  • ALAU-170367: Touch area for exit button very small with the bubble present.
  • ALAU-170365: Zebra EC30 - "Continue" button not visible in Workspace ONE Launcher application user interface.
  • ALAU-170360: Auto rotate settings under Workspace ONE Launcher Settings > Display menu are not retained if Workspace ONE Launcher is reloaded.
  • ALAU-170321: Workspace ONE Launcher seems to reload once after a device Check Out.
  • ALAU-170288: Device Details screen in Workspace ONE Launcher shows IP Address as and Signal Strength as None when device is connected to 4G data.

Upcoming changes to clearing app data on Zebra devices
Historically, Workspace ONE UEM on Zebra devices supported the capability to wipe application data, both through a console command as well as during check-in/check-out process on a device with Workspace ONE Launcher.  This capability was possible via platform signature, which gave our Zebra MX Service application system-level access. Starting with Android Nougat, MX Service no longer has system-level access on Zebra devices. Clearing application data is the only remaining feature gap.  More information about this change can be found in the full article text.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Web 7.6 for Android 

What’s New

  • ABRW-171609: Integrated Tunnel SDK for seamless access to internal resources using the Workspace ONE Tunnel gateway
  • ABRW-171611: View details of certificate used for authentication or tunneling and re-fetch the certificate from app if required
  • ABRW-171021: Added support for printing webpage
  • ABRW-171592: Sign-In button removed when SSO is enabled
  • ABRW-171612: Granular option to tunnel non-FQDN links in Web

Bugs Fixed

  • ABRW-171709: URL with blob prefix fails to download file.

Upcoming changes to device ID generation for Android devices

Currently, Workspace ONE generates a device ID for Android devices based on the MD5 checksum of the device’s IMEI number or Serial number. To improve security and privacy, Workspace ONE UEM will be moving to a new device ID generation algorithm that does not use the IMEI or an MD5 hashing algorithm. The changes are planned for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06.
As a result of these changes, customers will see duplicate device records if the device is factory reset and re-enrolled.

  • If the factory resets are triggered through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or through the Workspace ONE UEM Console, the older device record will show the status of the device as unenrolled.
  • If the factory resets are triggered from the settings app on the device, the older device record will show the status of the device as enrolled.

More information about these changes including frequently asked questions, can be found in the full article text. 

Getting Ready for Apple Fall 2019 Releases
The Workspace ONE team is already hard at work preparing for these releases and this page will be your hub for everything to know and triple check prior to their general availability this fall. This article will be focused on enterprise impacting updates and any Workspace ONE changes expected to support them. Please subscribe to this article in order to receive notifications as we update it. 

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence June 12th, 2019 Release
What’s New

  • Introducing two new methods to view filter queries.
    • Easily identify all of your filters with a new stack layout.
    • For filters with many or long values, you can select hide to compress the filter to an abridged version and reduce visual clutter.
  • Introducing APIs for Intelligence Reports with Service Accounts.
    Now, you can easily generate a client ID and client Secret to query and extract data for use in other business intelligence tools. This can be done asynchronously via CSV into other BI tools or systems. You can also extract data synchronously into your own UI with JSON. It also helps with building General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant tools and applications with REST APIs.
    For details, access the API documentation on VMware {code}.
  • CVE is now released for general availability. This includes features for correlating Windows OS Updates data, widget templates, and Reports.
  • Perform a page search or filter for specific dashboards within the My Dashboards section. Additionally, find dashboards via Global Filter.
  • Create Automations directly from Reports without disruption to your workflow by using the same filter query in your Automations.  

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs. 


Known Issues

ARES-8588: Selecting “Retire Previous Version” when uploading a new version of an internal app may lead to erroneous app removal from devices
When uploading a new version of an internal application, if the Retire Previous Version option is selected, the older versions of the app and the new version of the internal app is retired. This behavior can lead to the application being removed from all assigned devices. For example: if versions 1.2, and 1.3 of an internal app are in the Workspace ONE Console and version 1.5 is added using the method above, versions 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5 will be set to the Retired state.
More information about this issue, including workaround information, can be found in the full article text. 

SaaS Operations

Maintenance Notification for Workspace ONE Deployments using Stage Now EMM Connect
All OS maintenance activity for the Stage Now API Server was performed on Saturday, June 15th, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST (1 hour outage) for all regions. While this maintenance was taking place, Stage Now barcodes were not generated via the Workspace ONE UEM Console.

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