Intelligent Hub 19.06 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-186321: [Android Q] Beta 3: Unable to perform AFW enrollment due to background activity restriction
  • AAGNT-186290: Android Enterprise Launcher profile should be given priority in Hub command processing
  • AAGNT-186149: Any WIFI settings with proxy is not getting Saved on Zebra TC51 with Oreo OS
  • AAGNT-186236: Hub launch/crash issue when auth type is changed from Username/Password to Passcode or vice-versa
  • AAGNT-186136: Disable chrome restriction not being applied after reboot
  • AAGNT-186027: Upgrade Hub to future version (19.04) from 19.03 causes device to unenroll
  • AAGNT-186126: Device Samples contains zero value causing non-negative required error on DS
  • AAGNT-186322: Device ownership options not coming on 1904 hub when certain enrollment restriction rule is in place.
  • AAGNT-186417: Agent closes on launch after force killing when SSO+PBE is turned on.
  • AAGNT-186312: CreateFolder operation (/sdcard/airwatch/tmp/create_folder_product) fails if Hub doesn't have storage permission even though MX service have storage permission
  • AAGNT-186272: Fix AFW library test cases ServerDetailsDiscoveryTest
  • AAGNT-186115: Certificates with same subject names are not being detected separately during client certificate authentication on work profile devices
  • AAGNT-186123: TC57 O: Remove Folder (/sdcard/remove_folder) operation failed with java.lang.NullPointerException
  • AAGNT-186121: Reprocess button keeps on loading if network connectivity is interrupted in between.
  • AAGNT-184934: AE - DO: SDM-660-TC57<Oreo> WiFi Force On restriction not working.
  • AAGNT-186119: Console unable to show Security patch level with TC75 Android 6 with latest patch
  • AAGNT-185980: Wrong Job logs when lower version of application is trying to install on the device
  • AAGNT-185687: Managed app status is download when the lower version of the same app is sent to the device
  • AAGNT-186302: Ignore installation of certificate, if uuid is part of "VPNServerPublicSslUuidList" of Tunnel Vpn
  • AAGNT-186328: Android hub should consider the latest attribute name when there are multiple same attribute name is associated with the application group during sampling
  • AAGNT-186360: Unable to enroll when connected to LAN ONLY with Hub 19.04
  • AAGNT-185733: "Hub has stopped" Pop-up is observed when device is restarted with Encrypted sdcard
  • AAGNT-186300: Android Hub fails to validate the application product sent through sideload staging package
  • AAGNT-186499: AP app is not able to fetch new Ownership configuration bundle from Hub 19.06 build


Known Issues

  • AAGNT-186510: COPE enrollment is not working
  • AAGNT-186308: [Android Q] Internal app install prompt gets hidden by Processing Application Install screen in Legacy
  • AAGNT-186512: Downgrade application through product scenario failing
  • AAGNT-186505: Profile is not applied after checking in a device
  • AAGNT-186307: [Android Q] User is not taken back to enrollment screen after email client app is installed from play store
  • AAGNT-186310: Hub doesn't prompt to install/uninstall app or to update password when it's running in background
  • AAGNT-186448: Empty error dialog is displayed when enrollment target is legacy for DO enrollment


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