Upcoming changes to UDID generation for Android devices


Currently, Workspace ONE generates a UDID for Android devices based on the MD5 checksum of the device’s IMEI number or Serial number. To improve security and privacy, Workspace ONE UEM will be moving to a new UDID generation algorithm that does not use the IMEI or an MD5 hashing algorithm. The changes are planned for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06.

As a result of these changes, customers will see duplicate device records if the device is factory reset and re-enrolled.

  • If the factory resets are triggered through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or through the Workspace ONE UEM Console, the older device record will show the status of the device as unenrolled.
  • If the factory resets are triggered from the settings app on the device, the older device record will show the status of the device as enrolled.


Can I prevent the user from initiating a factory reset from the Settings app on the device?

Yes, on Work Managed devices, a restriction profile can be applied to prevent factory reset from the Settings app. Factory reset through the console will still be available.


Can I delete the old device record from the Workspace ONE Console?

Yes, duplicate device records can be manually removed from the Workspace ONE Console. Caution must be exercised to ensure the new device record is not erroneously deleted.


Will this change affect devices that are already enrolled?

The change will only affect new enrollments. Existing enrollments will continue to function without any change.


Will IMEI and Serial Number still be collected on Android devices for new enrollments?

Yes, IMEI and Serial Number will be collected. The user will be prompted for the relevant Android permissions during the enrollment process.

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