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Posted on June 10th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.05 for Windows 10
What’s New

  • AMST-16998: Added improvements to the resiliency of the Workspace ONE app download during enrollment

Bugs Fixed

  • AMST-16618: Fixed an issue where Bitlocker profile gets stuck in the queue
  • AMST-16330: Fixed an issue where Intelligent Hub upgrade from 1902 to 1903 fails and the AirwatchService is removed
  • AMST-17183: Fixed an issue where BIOS profile fails to install on devices with a specific date format
  • AMST-17060: Fixed an issue where Bitlocker PIN/Password setup prompt is skipped during OOBE
  • AMST-16361: Fixed an issue where products fail to install after upgrade to 1902 

Known Issues

  • AMST-14565: Intelligent Hub installer displays an unfriendly error when a downgrade is attempted

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to Drop iOS 9 Support
In order to focus on incorporating functionality available in newer versions of iOS, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS will be ending support for iOS 9. The change of the minimum supported version to iOS 10 will be in an upcoming Fall release. More information including customer impact can be found in the full article text.

Introducing VMware Secure Email Gateway 2.12.0
What’s New

  • CMEM-185208: Added ability to use separate Exchange hostname for ENS proxy.

Reminder: Legacy AirWatch Tunnel for iOS is approaching the End of General Support
Last summer we announced that legacy AirWatch Tunnel for iOS will reach End of General Support (EOGS) on July 5th, 2019 and be removed from the App Store. Customers still using Legacy AirWatch Tunnel must migrate to Workspace ONE Tunnel for iOS in order to maintain functionality.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.05 for Android
What’s New

  • AAGNT-185976: Android Password Profile enhancements
  • AAGNT-185768: Use MX Wi-Fi Mgr CSP instead of addNetwork API for Zebra device for Wi-Fi with proxy configuration

Bugs Fixed 

  • AAGNT-186343: Intelligent Hub crashes during Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment if invalid JSON is added.
  • AAGNT-186317: Intelligent Hub fails to install the persist applications on Enterprise Reset when the target app is already installed on the device.
  • AAGNT-186299: Intelligent Hub 19.04 for Android auto populates incorrect password for Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  • AAGNT-186291: Google accounts able to be added even though restriction in place.
  • AAGNT-186146: Intelligent Hub for Android is not consuming PolicyAllowFeatureAnalytics and correctly disabling the analytics page.
  • AAGNT-186122: Android and Android (Legacy) enrollment fails on Android Q.
  • AAGNT-186109: Intelligent Hub for Android is not automatically pinned after Hub installs using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Identifier enrollment.

Introducing Workspace ONE Web 7.6 for iOS
What’s New

  • IBRW-171371: Integration with Workspace ONE Tunnel SDK for seamless access to internal resources using the Workspace ONE Tunnel gateway. For information on how to configure Workspace ONE Tunnel for Web please see Configure App Tunnel
  • IBRW-171368: View certificate information and re-fetch certificate from app.
  • IBRW-171372: Granular option to tunnel non-FQDN links in Web.

Bugs Fixed

  • IBRW-171495: Limited by SSID setting blocking browsing in Web.
  • IBRW-171469: Cannot open Docuworks file downloaded through Web.
  • IBRW-171479: Camera restriction not honored in Web.

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Send 1.2.1 for Android
Bugs Fixed

  • ASEND-3: Remove accessibility service requirement when using Android Enterprise 


Known Issues

AAPP-7215: Full screen web clips not refreshing content on devices using iOS 12.2+
For devices on iOS 12.2 or newer, full screen web clips are displaying cached content incorrectly and the actual URL associated with the web clip is not hit to refresh the content. Workaround information can be found in the full article text.

AAGNT-186322: Limited device ownership options are displayed on Android devices when some enrollment restrictions are in place
In environments in which only one of the two available corporate device ownership types is selected, the device ownership screen will only display the “Employee Owned” ownership option. Workaround information can be found in the full article text.

AAGNT-186126: Android Device samples are not being reported by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to the Workspace ONE UEM Console
Due to device samples not being reported to the console, all the device information fields on the console that rely on the samples for up to date information will not update. More information including example logs can be found in the full article text.

[Resolved] CMSVC-10178: User groups do not sync when Directory Services integrated with Lotus Domino or Other LDAP type
User groups may stop syncing automatically and may also not sync fully when a manual sync is initiated from the User Groups list view page. Fix version information can be found in the full article text.


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