Upcoming changes to clearing app data on Zebra devices


Historically, Workspace ONE UEM on Zebra devices supported the capability to wipe application data, both through a console command as well as during check-in/check-out process on a device with Workspace ONE Launcher.  This capability was possible via platform signature, which gave our Zebra MX Service application system-level access. 


Customer Impact

Starting with Android Nougat, MX Service no longer has system-level access on Zebra devices. Clearing application data is the only remaining feature gap. 

In the upcoming MX 9.1 release, Zebra is introducing an MX framework API to wipe application data.  VMware is planning to support this new API in an upcoming MX Service release. The new version of the service will bring this feature back to devices running MX 9.1 or higher.

For devices running Android Marshmallow (6.0) and below, there is no gap, and this feature will continue to function, as MX Service retains its system-level access.

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