New Features in This Beta

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08 for iOS introduces the following features and functionality:


· iOS 13 Day 0 Support

· Validation with the iOS 13 betas have been conducted with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08. Modifications have been made to ensure Day 0 support of existing use cases. Net new functionality (new features in iOS 13) will be considered and added for future Hub releases.

· NOTE: We strongly encourage customers to test their existing workflows flows on iOS 13 with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08 for iOS.

· Reference the following articles for more details:

Getting Ready for Apple Fall 2019 Releases

Preparing Workspace ONE SDK and Wrapped Apps for iOS 13 OpenURL Changes – Hub 19.08 includes the SDK changes to handle this.

Announcing End of General Support for the 'Allow Wi-Fi Connection' SSID restriction in the Workspace ONE SDK – During Apple’s WWDC 2019, Apple revealed that iOS 13 will stop location tracking using your device’s SSID/BSSID using the CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo API. As such, Hub 19.08 will present SSID or Unknown if Location Data is not enabled for iOS 13 devices.

· Priority (P2) Notification Snackbar

· With release of priority notifications with Hub Services, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08 is also supporting this functionality. When a high priority notification is sent, a pop-up (snackbar) will be displayed within the tabs (Home, Apps, People) if the end user is using the Hub app. It is designed to draw the end user’s attention to the information.



· Ending Support for iOS 9 on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

· Hub 19.08 is the version of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to end support for iOS 9 (Reference the KB Article for more details)

· Notifications Preferences for Mobile Flows Connectors

· Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08 add the ability for an end user to review and modify their preferences for Notifications associated to Mobile Flows Connectors (i.e. Coupa, Concur, Workday, etc.)

· If you have Hub Service enabled and are leveraging the Notification Services with Mobile Flows connectors, this page will be available to you (Account (avatar icon) > Notifications)



· In-App Beta Feedback

· For TestFlight builds of Hub (beta builds), Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will now offer an ability to send feedback from within the application.

· This feature is found in the following location: Account > Support > Send Feedback (Under the Advanced Features Header))


· Native UI – People Tab (Preview)*

· Introducing a revamped People version. In this version, we are previewing the People tab is switched to an updated UI rendering providing an experience that is more responsive and consistent with Apple iOS UI framework.

· This feature is disabled by default for the beta users. To toggle on or off the native iOS rendering of the People, go to the following: Account > This Device > Preferences > Native People Tab


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