New Features in This Beta

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.06 for iOS introduces the following features and functionality:

  • Native UI - App Catalog (HUBI-1669, HUBI-1980, HUBI-2140, HUBI-2175, HUBI-2176,  HUBI-2178)
    • We are happy to introduce a revamped App Catalog experience. In this version, we switched from a web-rendered app catalog to a native catalog. This means that the experience in the catalog is now more responsive and also consistent with Apple iOS UI framework.
    • Native UI in the Apps Tab is enabled by default for TestFlight users. To toggle the Native UI for App Catalog on or off, go to Account > This Device > Preferences > Native Catalog
  • Auto Enablement of Configured Mobile Flows Connectors (HUBI-1820)
    • If you have Mobile Flows Connectors and Notification Service enabled, then the Hub applicable with auto enable the device to receive notification from all entitled MF connectors. 
  • Hub Graceful Handling of UEM Service Outage (HUBI-2163)
    • Hub will inform you if there are limited services (i.e. if UEM Console is unavailable).
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