Resolved Issues in This Beta

​​​​​​Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.08 for iOS resolves the following issues:

  • HUBI-2519        Intelligent Hub remain stuck on the initial loading screen
  • HUBI-2644        App icon and status do not appear in the floating header
  • HUBI-1272        Avatar icon momentarily shows when loading page to reset password
  • HUBI-2567        Declining Terms of Use (TOU) takes a shared device back to the Group ID screen
  • HUBI-2737        App icon incorrectly scaled in Spotlight search
  • HUBI-2659        App name in the promotion banner changes to single line
  • HUBI-2657        Build date incorrectly displayed if system calendar is modified
  • HUBI-2643        Translation of "Pending" is not loaded in compliance page
  • HUBI-2761        Education screen incorrectly rendering
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