Deprecation of some public crypto APIs in Workspace ONE SDK 19.4 for Android


Starting in Android 9 (Android P) Google has implemented a new Java UTF decoder. This decoder is more strict in enforcing Unicode standards. At this time, there are no APIs to support backwards compatibility of this decoder. For details see the Android Development Portal.


Customer Impact

The Workspace ONE SDK for Android has deprecated public crypto APIs that take in String arguments or return Strings. The reason for this deprecation is the underlying operations dependency on UTF-8 encoding from the Android platform.

Please refer to the API Java documentation shipped with the Workspace ONE SDK guide for the corresponding byte[] version of deprecated APIs in Workspace ONE SDK 19.4 for Android. If you are consuming these APIs by passing non-ASCII characters as arguments then you might be affected by this issue. You may check if you are affected by upgrading a test device from Android O to P.

Other Languages: 日本語

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