Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.7 for iOS

The VMware Workspace ONE team is excited to announce that Workspace ONE Boxer 5.7 for iOS is publicly available.
Note: In order to standardize the configuration of all of our productivity applications, in the near future, Workspace ONE Boxer will have the key AppForceActivateSSO (bool) set to true by default. Please make sure to test that your environment still works with this key enabled before we change the default. More information on AppForceActivateSSO can be found in the Workspace ONE Boxer Admin Guide.


What’s New  

  • BETA BINXI-10707: Enterprise Content in Boxer
    Note: this feature is still in BETA and we are making constant improvements. Any and all feedback is welcome. Please contact us at for the KVP if you would like to try out enterprise content.
    • This feature brings parts of the VMware Workspace ONE Content app into Boxer for viewing attachments, attaching to emails and saving from emails to online repositories.
    • If you have Workspace ONE Content setup, the same repositories will show up
    • If you do not have Content setup, please setup the repositories in the Console.
  • BINXI-7360: (BETA) Key Sync Escrow
    • To improve the background syncing of Workspace ONE Boxer, we are introducing the option to send down the key to unlock the Workspace ONE Boxer database to update Workspace ONE Boxer in the background.
    • To enable:
      • Key: ENSEnableKeyEscrow (int)
      • Value: 0 (default, for disabled) or 1 (to enable)
    • To set the expiration time in hours where Workspace ONE Boxer will no longer get the key use below
      • Key: ENSKeyEscrowExpiry (int)
      • Value: 48 (default)
  • BINXI-10054: Spam Reporting
    • To set the email address where Spam emails will be sent to please use the below KVP
      • Key: AppSpamForwardAddress (string)
      • Value:
    • To delete the email from the user’s device after forwarding please use the below KVP
      • Key: PolicyDeleteOnSpamForward (bool)
      • Value: true (default is false)
  • BINXI-10895: Email List view update
    • New Message Indicator and small adjustments to improve readability
  • BINXI-10929: Health Check
    • This screen in Settings shows the status of Workspace ONE Boxer with the ability to remedy some common problems.


Bugs Fixed

  • BINXI-11147: G Suite - Emails syncing beyond the mail sync period limit set and blocks the new mails from synching (Slow email sync).
  • BINXI-10453: HTML signature not formatting properly in Workspace ONE Boxer
  • BINXI-10801: Unable to sync emails with G Suite
  • BINXI-11088: Crash on clicking on Copy Logs
  • BINXI-10694: When internal passcode is set in the console for alpha-numeric, but the user initially configures with numeric but then changes to alpha-numeric only numeric passcode is presented
  • BINXI-9166: Email preview is missing
  • BINXI-6358: Form Filled PDF Attachments Not Displaying Field Values
  • BINXI-6787: Bulk upload of appointment on Outlook Desktop client does not sync
  • BINXI-10369: iPad: Double tap to select all in send availability is very broken
  • BINXI-10649: Forwarded emails offline/poor network/plane Wi-Fi truncate
  • BINXI-10568: Passcode max age not prompting to enter new passcode
  • BINXI-11011: Cannot preview an image file listed in Files view
  • BINXI-5387: iPad: Cancelling from a move swipe does not dismiss the swipe
  • BINXI-6229: Calendar Layout issue in Landscape mode
  • BINXI-10978: "Select" button for bulk select is missing in email cell selection page after device rotation
  • BINXI-10335: Large text support for Calendar search -text is cropped
  • BINXI-11136: IRM/Email Classification - Alert message is shown even on selecting a policy for the first time
  • BINXI-11101: Auto scroll in email details view

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading Workspace ONE Boxer 5.7 for iOS.

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 10+
  • Workspace ONE UEM 9.2+

How to Download Workspace ONE Boxer 5.7 for iOS

  • Prior Version is Installed: Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: Direct end users to download it from the App Store.


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE  portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

Other Languages: 日本語

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