Intelligent Hub 19.05 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-186299: Intelligent Hub auto populates incorrect password for KME enrollment
  • AAGNT-186146: Intelligent Hub on Android is not consuming PolicyAllowFeatureAnalytics and correctly disabling the analytics page.
  • AAGNT-186109: Hub is not pinned automatically after Hub install in DPC Identifier enrollment
  • Hub-2397: Fixed a crash that may occur when the notification service is enabled.
  • Hub-2332P: Fixed an issue with autodiscovery for email IDs with apostrophes.
  • AAGNT-186286: RX Logger - Intent to disable RX Log capture on a product failure (Default is ON)
  • AAGNT-185768: Use MX WiFi Mgr CSP instead of addNetwork API for Zebra device for WiFi with proxy config

Known Issues

  • Android Enterprise Launcher profile should be given priority in Hub command processing
  • [Android Q] Required Device Password for installing the certs notification can not launch change device password activity.
  • [Android Q] Custom Restricted Message is not displayed for Multiple User -> Add Users from lock Screen.
  • [Android Q] WIFI SSID is not removed on deleting the profile in AFW PO mode.
  • [Android Q] IMEI is not reported on Android DA enrolled device for Android Q.
  • [Android Q] Serial Number and Card ID (ICCID) are not reported by Agent/Hub on Android Q.
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