Customers utilizing (Legacy) ENSv1 required to update CNS pinning certificate expiring on June 22, 2019


Customers using an On-Premises instance of ENSv1 are required to update CNS pinning certificate. Current CNS certificates set to expire on June 22, 2019.


Customer Impact

If the certificate is not updated, end-users will stop receiving email notifications after June 22, 2019. Once the SSL Pinning Certificate has been uploaded to the ENS server, the tool will add the public key of the certificate to the ENS config file and restart the ENS service. After the update ENS posts payloads to CNS, the certificate validation will be performed against the newly added certificate public key.


Mitigation Steps

To begin, first download the CNS Public Certificate from the My Workspace ONE portal. Then, use the following steps to install the certificate:

  1. Click on the ENS Config Tool shortcut located on your ENS server or open the tool directly from <ENS1_INSTALL_DIR>\Email Notification Service\AW.ENS.ConfigTool.exe
    Once the tool is open, click Upload SSL Pinning Certificate

  2. Click Upload Certificate

  3. Locate and select the new CNS Public Certificate on your server, then click Open

  4. Click Submit

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