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Posted on April 29th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware Secure Email Gateway 2.11.0
What’s New

  • CMEM-185047: Removed SEG server information from root web page response.
  • CMEM-184893: Improved stability and performance when using certificates and KCD.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.6 for Android
What’s New

  • BINXA-9692: Allow both IRM and Email Classification when composing an email
  • BINXA-7283: Smart Recipients – Workspace ONE Boxer suggests recipients when composing a message
  • BINXA-9278: Combined Folders - Folders like trash, unread and sent are combined for multiple accounts

Bugs Fixed

  • BINXA-9449: Workspace ONE Boxer with ENS v2 giving dual notifications intermittently
  • BINXA-9754: Certain PDF files not rendering
  • BINXA-9412: G Suite: Workspace ONE Boxer displays attachment names in gibberish instead of Hebrew characters
  • BINXA-9677: Modern Auth fails multiple times before success
  • BINXA-8971: Unable to view Track changes, an email is received with a Microsoft Word attachment.
  • BINXA-9394: PolicyAllowActionArchive KVP does not prevent archiving of emails


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel 4.0 for iOS
What’s New

  • Updated app branding to VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel.
    Note: More information regarding our rebranding efforts can be found here


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Web 7.5 for iOS
What’s New  

  • IBRW-171237: UI Updates to Bookmarks, Downloads and History screens
  • IBRW-171327: Ability to edit personal bookmarks
  • IBRW-171329: Ability to edit downloaded file names
  • IBRW-171328: Ability to search bookmarks
  • IBRW-171327: Ability to search history 

Bugs Fixed

  • IBRW-171382: Long press on certain hyperlinks does not show "Open in New Tab"
  • IBRW-171429: Integrated Authentication does not work after AD password change


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 1903.1 for Windows 10
Bugs Fixed

  • AMST-16282: Fixed an issue where an upgrade failure for the Intelligent Hub and subsequent rollback removed the Agent service.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 5.6 for iOS
What’s New

  • BINXI-10910: Allow Exchange IRM to work with Email Classification Markings
  • BINXI-10757: Avatars can be customized in Workspace ONE Boxer settings with options to be Gray, Blue or Colorful
  • BINXI-10757: Updates for Accessibility

Bugs Fixed

  • BINXI-9902: Email header shifted right (system generated)
  • BINXI-10922: Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS in landscape mode using new conversation view, information is not displayed at the bottom
  • BINXI-10496: When used with G Suite, Workspace ONE Boxer displays attachment names in gibberish instead of Hebrew characters
  • BINXI-5707: Blanks/word wraps//lines in the mail body when html email is forwarded/replied in Workspace ONE Boxer
  • BINXI-10235: iPad - Workspace ONE Boxer does not show the new read email with grey background when in preview.
  • BINXI-5685: When replying or forwarding an email that has a classification set if the user changes the classification, they are not getting alerted
  • BINXI-8395: Contact display order does not honor the fixed order with certain characters
  • BINXI-9453:Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS is unable to display caller ID for Japan numbers
  • BINXI-10181: Mailto links are working incorrectly for Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS
  • BINXI-6898: Auto-reply screen jumps with every character typed
  • BINXI-10406:Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS - Propose new meeting time window does not show day-date
  • BINXI-10877: Copy & Paste is not working as expected in Workspace ONE Boxer when it is restricted atWorkspace ONE Boxer DLP settings
  • BINXI-10715:Workspace ONE Boxer app crashes when we add second account.
  • BINXI-10653:Workspace ONE Boxer does not function when Exchange Password contains umlaut characters (äöü).
  • BINXI-9511: Email Details view content is getting scroll down for Gmail account.
  • BINXI-10484: Accessibility updates
  • BINXI-10337: Sync counts within Workspace ONE Boxer pullout menu mismatch
  • BINXI-11085: Show preview from iCalendar instead of body for emails which are calendar invites


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence April 24th, 2019 Release
What’s New
You can now run Automations on any known states seen in the Workspace ONE UEM data based on the filter (If) condition as well as on any new incoming state.

  • Preview of all filtered results will be available when new automation is created, or an existing automation is edited.
  • This preview allows administrators to browse through all the known targets that will be impacted.
  • After reviewing the known targets being impacted administrator can save these changes to initiate workflow execution on the same as well as on incoming new states.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs. 


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.4.1 for iOS (Swift)
Bugs fixed

  • ISDK-172847: Resolved an issue where users were unable to login to the SDK app and erroneously encountered an error about incompatible console versions.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool 2.1 for Windows
Bugs Fixed

  • AMST-14915: Fixes issue where the PPKG can timeout and give the error “PSCmdlet took longer than 180000 mill-sec”



Introducing Workspace ONE UEM 1904
What's New

For additional information, please see the Workspace ONE UEM 1904 release notes available in VMware Docs. 

  • Administrators can now save their user name and passwords in the browser cache that can be used for subsequent logins.
  • Google announced that they are deprecating Google Cloud Messaging in favor of a new cloud-messaging platform called Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) now supported by Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Administrators can customize the attributes that are used in the API calls to Google Suite by specifying an alternate attribute instead of the user’s email address.
  • The UEM Console 1904 brings support for macOS Intelligent Hub 19.04 features that includes enhanced catalog, People, Notifications, and custom Home tab.
  • Rugged Relay Servers allow admins to select the HTTPS protocol when configuring a relay server, including the configuration of a Stage Now barcode.
  • Maintaining Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE provisioning packages made easier with templates that let admins configure the settings for a provisioning package including the apps and save the settings for later use.

For additional information, please refer to the release notes here


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE 3.3.58 for Windows 10
Bugs Fixed

  • HW-99121: User Account Control (UAC) for Bridge App must be accepted when user installs WS1 for the first time.
  • HW-93667: Workspace ONE app crashes when apostrophe present in Windows user name during initial login.

Known Issues

  • ESC-18283: Intermittently Windows 10 Out-of-Box (OOBE) not processing External Access Token.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 4.17.1 for iOS
Bugs Fixed

  • ISDK-172976: Dynamic jailbroken module crash


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04 for macOSsdf
What’s New

  • Unification of AirWatch Agent (Intelligent Hub 4.0) and Workspace ONE 1.0 components into a single application and installer package.
  • Support for Hub Services: Catalog, People, Notifications, and custom Home tab.
  • New Enrollment UI experience and GDPR compliant privacy and usage analytics screens. See Day One preparation for more information.
  • Redesigned FileVault 2 Encryption management experience supporting MDM deferred enablement and MDM recovery key escrow (requires Workspace ONE UEM 1904). See Changes coming to FileVault 2 Disk Encryption profile for more information.
  • New command line utility “hubcli” for admins to trigger throttled sync, post local persistent native notifications, and modify local backend configurations including the ability to hide menu bar icon.

Bugs Fixed

  • HUBM-68: FDERecoveryAgent prevents recovery key change on pre-10.13 devices
  • HUBM-156: Catalog sometimes incorrectly lists updates available for installed apps
  • HUBM-157: Catalog sometimes fails to update “Installing” status to “Installed”
  • HUBM-246: Hub daemon crashes when Mac is connected to Wi-Fi SSID with an apostrophe
  • HUBM-407: Intermittent “invalid email address” error when enrolling with Hub 4.0
  • HUBM-428: No Hub restart prompt after macOS 10.14.3 BridgeOS update for T2 Macs
  • HUBM-429: Update Hub Software Update profile notifications and messages for Mojave
  • HUBM-525: FileVault enforcement not initiating on macOS 10.14.3 devices
  • HUBM-756: CFBundleVersion in Info.plist incorrectly set
  • HUBM-795: Custom Attributes profile and results are lost after upgrading Hub

Known Issues

  • AAPP-6969: On-Demand File/Action Products fail to execute when initiated from Hub catalog
  • HUBM-646: Intermittent issues with FileVault Encryption Logout notification button not performing logout process
  • HUBM-757: Hub Catalog install button does not reflect as already installed for On-Demand apps installed before Hub 19.04 installation/upgrade
  • HUBM-821: Hub Enrollment UI shows “optional” text when Asset Number prompt is disabled
  • HUBM-881: Hub catalog install progress tray shows app as installed that has been deleted from UEM Console
  • HUBM-887: Privacy Screen sometimes shown twice during enrollment
  • HUBM-890: Privacy Screen not shown during Hub upgrade to 19.04 (can still be accessed from Accounts screen)


Introducing Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager 1.4 for iOS
What’s New

  • IPIVD-181, IPIVD-182: New feature to enable Bluetooth login into Windows and MacOS machines (requires enrolling the derived credential via Entrust).
    For more information, visit the guide at VMware Docs.
  • IPIVD-179: New privacy page to communicate to end-users what privacy permissions are required and what data is being processed when using the app.

Bugs Fixed

  • IPIVD-198: Resolved an issue where a profile upload error appeared when users attempted to upload the derived credential from PIV-D to an empty console profile.
  • IPIVD-201: Resolved an issue when enrolling a derived credential with Intercede where certificates with Subject Distinguished Name utilizing nested elements could not be processed.


Known Issues

CMSVC-9729, CMSVC-9774, URGENT-1410: User data overwritten when privacy is enabled after Workspace ONE UEM 1902 upgrade
Upon upgrading to Workspace ONE UEM 1902, users’ personally identifiable information (PII) like first name, last name, display name, phone number and email address will be overwritten with the word “Private” if the privacy settings for that device ownership is enabled and the user record is edited, saved or accessed, and updated during Enrollment. This unexpected behavior can result in failure of certain flows where the PII is used, for e.g. when the email address is used as a lookup value in Enrollment or Profiles. For more information, check out the full article text.


Device Management

Changes coming to FileVault 2 Disk Encryption profile in UEM Console 1904 and macOS Intelligent Hub 19.04
In Workspace ONE UEM 1904 and macOS Intelligent Hub 19.04, FileVault 2 Encryption and Recovery Key management has been completely redesigned to provide a better user experience and to more reliably support macOS as it evolves. For more information, technical impact, and impact on end-users, check out the full article text. 

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