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Posted on April 22nd, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing AirWatch Relay Service 3.0.8 for Android

What’s New

  • Updated app version to support Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android.


Introducing VMware AirWatch Huawei Service 1.2 for Android

What’s New

  • AAGNT-180677: Huawei App Control support for Android (Legacy):
    • App Whitelist
    • App Blacklist
    • Prevent uninstallation of Required Apps

Bugs Fixed 

  • AAGNT-184222: USB debugging is incorrectly disabled when USB mass storage is disabled by restriction profile on Huawei devices
  • AAGNT-184940: App install through Product Provisioning fails


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Obj-C)

Bugs Fixed

  • ISDK-173002: Addressed an issue where the dynamic compromised protection logic was introducing high latency in the SDK’s startup process.
  • ISDK-172976: Addressed a crash issue caused by a race condition with the beacon API and the internal compromised detection logic.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Notebook 1.0.2 for iOS

What’s New

  • INOTE-127: Updated splash screen


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Content 3.17 for Android

Bugs Fixed

  • ASCL-174701: Needs to sync twice to update the repository when the repository URL is changed


On-Premises VMware Identity Manager Service 19.03 Will Not Contain an Embedded Connector
The embedded connector component is not available in the on-premise VMware Identity Manager Service 19.03 release. Customers who use connector functionality will be required to deploy an external Windows connector. For additional information about the impact of this connector deprecation, please read the full article text.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.3 for Android

What’s New

  • ASDK-170085Added support for restricting URL short-names and non-FQDN URLs from tunneling unless explicitly defined in the SDK profile app tunnel domain list.
    Note: This feature requires VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1902.
  • ASDK-170287The SDK now supports 64-bit applications
    Note: More information about the new 64-bit requirement for the Google Play store can be found here.

Bugs Fixed

  • ASDK-170493: Resolved a crash issue when running on Android 10.0+.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel 5.0 for Android

What’s New

  • PPAT-3961: Rebranding to align with Workspace ONE brand
    Note: More information regarding our rebranding efforts can be found here.

Bugs Fixed

  • PPAT-4731: Tunnel client fails to acknowledge host shutdown events and timeout.
  • PPAT-4713: Network disconnect is not detected by the Tunnel client and the offline apps do not work expected.


Workspace ONE UEM Console Releases: SaaS Only
As we continue to deliver quicker time to value (features and fixes), we will be delivering updates to our SaaS customers more frequently. We understand that our on-premises customers typically adopt the updates at a slower pace and as such we are decoupling these releases. This means that a feature or fix delivered to our SaaS environments may not be delivered to on-premises customers in the same timeframe or release. We will strive to deliver multiple on-premises releases over the course of the year.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE SDK 19.4 for iOS (Swift)

What’s New

  • ISDK-172941: Added support for Xcode 10.2.
  • ISDK-172677: SDK apps can now enforce a subset of compliance policies & actions on an unmanaged and/or offline device. (Requires console version 1904+)
  • ISDK-172171: Added a new API to return the public attributes of certificates managed by the SDK. (This can be useful for creating troubleshooting UI and workflows for SDK managed certificates)

Bugs Fixed 

  • ISDK-172974: Addressed an issue where the dynamic compromised protection logic was introducing high latency in the SDK’s startup process.


Announcing VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1903 for On-Premises
The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that the VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1903 installer has been extended to on-premises customers and is now available for download in My Workspace ONE here.

For additional information, please see the Workspace ONE UEM 1903 release notes available in VMware Docs.


Introducing VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.1 for Android

What’s New

  • AET-55: Auto Discovery of Services to support key injection. This enhancement enables the VMware Advanced Remote Management Agent to perform auto validation of available permissions to ensure remote control capabilities like key injection and draw over apps are available if the supported Service APK is installed.
  • AET-53: Support for Multiple Device Skins for same Model. The Device Profile feature has been enhanced further as part of this release to accommodate different variant of the same model based on different property values. Following device property values are supported to differentiate a variant within the same device model:
    • Part Number (config.device.partnumber)
    • Form Factor (config.device.formfactor)
    • Device Keyboard (config.device.keyboard)
    • Hardware Model (hardware.model)

Bugs Fixed

  • AET-56: [Zebra EC30]: 'Accept' option is not displayed in device after entering 'PIN' in Attended RM Agent.
  • AET-58: Device Screen orientation is not proper in Zebra MC18.
  • AET-57: Unlabeled lookup zone fields in the installer need to be labeled.


Introducing VMware Advanced Remote Management 5.1 for Windows CE/Mobile

What’s New

  • AET-51: Advanced Remote Management 5.1 introduces a Remote Registry Editor tool for Windows CE/Mobile Devices. This tool allows a help desk user or IT admin to remotely perform the following operations on the windows device registry.
    • Ability to List the Windows Registry Keys.
    • Create New Keys and Values.
    • Edit / Update or Rename Keys and Values.
    • Delete Keys and Values. 

Bugs Fixed

  • AET-54: Performance enhancements to Windows CE device streaming. This enhancement improves the delay in streaming on Motorola WT4090 and VC5090. Previously there has been delay of 20-22 seconds in streaming. In Advanced Remote Management 5.1, latency should be less than 3-6 seconds.


Known Issues

[Resolved] AAPP-6804: Error when adding or deleting duplicate smart groups in purchased app assignments
When adding an assignment to purchased apps that contains a smart group, which is also present in an existing assignment, all subsequent assignments will fail to save. This issue has been addressed with VMware Workspace ONE UEM patch releases for Workspace ONE UEM 1902 and for Workspace ONE UEM 1903. More information can be found in the full article.


SaaS Operations

Maintenance Notification for Workspace ONE Deployments using Stage Now EMM Connect
All OS maintenance activity for the Stage Now API Server was performed on Saturday, April 20, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST (1 hour outage) for all regions.

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