CMSVC-9729, CMSVC-9774, URGENT-1410: User data overwritten when privacy is enabled after Workspace ONE UEM 1902 upgrade


CMSVC-9729, CMSVC-9774, URGENT-1410  


Version Identified

VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1902



Upon upgrading to Workspace ONE UEM 1902, users’ personally identifiable information (PII) like first name, last name, display name, phone number and email address will be overwritten with the word “Private” if the privacy settings for that device ownership is enabled and the user record is edited, saved or accessed, and updated during Enrollment. This unexpected behavior can result in failure of certain flows where the PII is used, for e.g. when the email address is used as a lookup value in Enrollment or Profiles.


Fix Version 

This issue has been resolved in Workspace ONE UEM Console Directory users’ data can be restored by performing a full attribute sync with the Directory. For restoring basic users’ data, please contact VMware Workspace ONE Support.

Note: This fix only prevents user data from being corrupted in the future. Users that existed on the Console at the time of the 1902 upgrade, and before, are likely to have been affected if privacy had been enabled and the users’ records had been updated. 

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