Resolved Issues in 19.04 Beta

  • HUBI-1628 - APNs message for a manual deployment profile shows encrypted data in Hub
  • HUBI-1631 - Hub crashes when adding image
  • HUBI-1833 - Location tab is not showing within Hub
  • HUBI-1936 - Multi-User Staging: On end user log out, console not updating with staging user details
  • HUBI-1965 - iOS Hub allows end user to toggle track telecom usage even though it is disabled in the console
  • HUBI-1971 - Native app not showing up in catalog after enrollment
  • HUBI-2029 - iOS Advanced Remote Control disconnects on certain app launches
  • HUBI-2118 - Content app fails to authenticate after redirecting to Hub
  • HUBI-2193 - Messages section of Hub not honoring branding set in console 
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