Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04 for macOS Day One Preparation


Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04 is a new release of what was previously Intelligent Hub 4.0. It is single destination where employees can have an enhanced user experience with unified onboarding, catalog, and access to services such as People, Notifications, and Home. This functionality is available from any location and from any device.

The Intelligent Hub 19.04 release for macOS will combine the user experience of the digital workspace in the current Workspace ONE 1.0 app with the line of business, monitoring, and support capabilities of Intelligent Hub 4.0. All features currently in Intelligent Hub 4.0 and Workspace ONE 1.0 will be supported by Intelligent Hub 19.04 but may have pre-requisites and enablement requirements based on OS version, console version, vIDM settings, and hosted vs On-Premises. Adaptive management “Registered Mode” will continue to be supported in Workspace ONE 1.0 but is not supported in Intelligent Hub 19.04.

Note: AirWatch Agent 3.1 for macOS was rebranded as Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 4.0 in October 2018 but did not provide the combined experience that the Intelligent Hub 19.04 release will contain. More information can be found here.

This document is a guide for admins to prepare to upgrade or migrate devices to Intelligent Hub 19.04 on Day One. This document is organized into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Day One Impact
  • Chapter 2: Call to Action
  • Chapter 3: How to Deploy & Upgrade


Chapter 1: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04 Day One Impact

Intelligent Hub 19.04 is an in-place upgrade to the Intelligent Hub 4.0 app. No existing features or capabilities will be disrupted or disabled after upgrading to Intelligent Hub 19.04. There will be no changes to the current Workspace ONE 1.0 app when Intelligent Hub 19.04 is released. 

The primary changes admins and users should expect are ones coming from interface and UX improvements. Effectively, the Intelligent Hub 19.04 app will have a new interface and design but will retain all existing functionality without interruption. Some features, although supported in the Intelligent Hub 19.04 release, require additional settings to be enabled in the UEM console.
Note: The file name for this release has been updated from /Applications/Intelligent to /Applications/Workspace ONE Intelligent

The Intelligent Hub 4.0 features with a new visual layout and/or user experience:

  • All Hub enrollment flows
  • FileVault encryption management
  • Hub 4.0 Preferences

The new features of Intelligent Hub 19.04 enabled by Hub Services:

  • Enhanced App Catalog
  • People Search
  • Notifications
  • Custom Home Tab

The current Workspace ONE 1.0 app will continue to function as it did prior to the update, visually and otherwise, to provide Catalog, People Search, and Notifications. This functionality has been enhanced with a new visual layout and user experience in the Intelligent Hub 19.04 release.


Chapter 2: Call to Action

There are a few things to consider and understand prior to your devices upgrading to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04. Here we have added some things to think about when going through this process.

For the best experience, configure Hub Services

Hub Services are cloud-only, and enable the built-in workspace experience in Hub, including Catalog, People Search, Home tab, and Notifications.  (Please note some of these features require hosted Identity Manager as well). Refer to the Hub Services documentation to learn about how to quickly enable them and to replace your legacy UEM Catalog if you choose.

Note: If you choose to enable Hub Services, you MUST enable an additional setting for macOS in the 19.04 UEM Console as well.  Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE > AirWatch Catalog > General > Publishing > Intelligent Hub Catalog (macOS).

Update your internal documentation

It is a good idea to provide digital or physical training and support material for admins and users to leverage when going through enrollment or technical workflows. Some enrollment screens in Intelligent Hub 19.04 have changed.

Providing support documentation is especially recommended if you enable Hub Services.Some screenshots of the enrollment flow and new UI can be downloaded here.

Email Communication to Users

While all features will continue to function on day one, sometimes UI changes can confuse users simply because they are different. It is not always necessary for users to read an entire how-to document to understand the changes in the app. Often it is helpful to just provide some user communication to soften the impact of the new experience.


Chapter 3: How to upgrade existing devices to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04

Once you have confirmed that your devices and users are prepared to update to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.04, the next step is determining a strategy for upgrading your devices to the new Hub application.

Intelligent Hub 19.04 will be seeded into the UEM Console 19.04 release. When your UEM server is upgraded to 19.04, it will contain Intelligent Hub version 19.04 for devices to automatically update to (only if Hub 4.0 or AirWatch Agent 3.1 is already installed).

Note: If you have devices that you do not want to update to Intelligent Hub 19.04, you must disable the Auto Update in Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Intelligent Hub Settings > Intelligent Hub Updates > Automatic Updates

For enrolled devices that are not running Hub 4.0 or Agent 3.1, you can install the latest version ad-hoc on devices:

  • Navigate to Device Details for a macOS Device and click More Actions > Install Intelligent Hub for macOS (on UEM Console 1904+)
  • Alternatively, instruct end-users to download from The 19.04 build will be seeded to this site shortly after release.

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