Intelligent Hub 19.04 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-185921: Safetynet status not returned if Device is detected as Rooted
  • AAGNT-185832: Android O & P - Unable to enable/disable Chrome from device settings after device restart in DO and PO mode

Known Issues

  • AAGNT-186112: Zebra SDM 660 O, Intermittent, Hub auto enrolled but does not activated as device admin silently
  • AAGNT-186110: Intermittent, Hub Console UI not launch after enrollment
  • AAGNT-186135: Enrollment stuck forever if Hub killed during processing advanced staging manifest
  • AAGNT-186124: QR code AE DO enrollment fails if retryCount param is specified
  • AAGNT-186130: KME DO not setting Group id
  • AAGNT-186119: Bunning - Console unable to show Security patch level with TC75 Android 6 with latest patch
  • AAGNT-186109: Hub is not pinned automatically after Hub install in afw hash enrollment
  • AAGNT-186132: Enrollment Refactor: Product progress screen is not showing during processing of advanced staging manifest
  • AAGNT-186115: Certificates with same subject names are not being detected separately during client certificate authentication on AE profile devices
  • AAGNT-186121: Reprocess button keeps on loading if network connectivity is interrupted in between.
  • AAGNT-186113: Hub does not list the default profiles (AndroidDefaultSettings and SharedDeviceSettings) after enterprise reset.
  • AAGNT-186123: TC57 O: Remove Folder (/sdcard/remove_folder) operation failed with java.lang.NullPointerException
  • AAGNT-186128: Agent is already enrolled toast message is not showing up on sideload enrolment
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