[Resolved] HUB-2294: Launcher may not deploy correctly to a staging user when using single-user staging on 19.03 on a fully managed device




Version Identified

Intelligent Hub 1903 for Android



When using Standard Single-User Staging for a fully managed device (Device Owner) and assigning a Launcher profile to lock the staged device into Hub with Single-App mode, the lockdown may not properly occur. Several intermittent behaviors including the following may occur:

  • Launcher does not install
  • Launcher installs but does not properly lock down the device
  • Launcher installs, locks down the device, but the single app profile is not applied and the Launcher application perpetually waits on the profile



VMware Workspace ONE recommends not using a Launcher profile assigned to the Staging User on Intelligent Hub 1903 for Android.


Fix Version

This issue is resolved in Intelligent Hub 19.03.1 for Android.

Note: Once the updated Intelligent Hub is installed, the end-user may need to reboot their device and wait a short time (up to 5 minutes) to be shown the login screen to complete enrollment.

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