[Resolved] AAPP-6678: VMware Workspace ONE UEM may incorrectly send sampling requests to VMware Workspace ONE SDK enabled apps




Affected Versions

VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1902
Any VMware Workspace ONE SDK enabled app



The Workspace ONE UEM console is incorrectly sending specific sampling requests (e.g. profile list sample) to SDK enabled apps (e.g. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, Workspace ONE Content or Workspace ONE Web). Since these apps are not able to respond to these requests, the app will fail and require a relaunch.

For customers leveraging Integrated Authentication with the Workspace ONE Web app authentication may fail and Web app will not able to recover.



To workaround the issue, with Workspace ONE Web, temporarily disable Integrated Authentication until a fix is available.


Fix Version

This issue has been addressed with VMware Workspace ONE UEM patch releases for Workspace ONE UEM 1902 and for Workspace ONE UEM 1903.

Other Languages: 日本語

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