Resolved / Known Issues in 3.17 Beta

Resolved Issues

ASCL-174701 Need to sync twice to update the repository when repository URL is changed


Known Issues

ASCL-174254 Zooming out certain xlsx file is causing reboot.
ASCL-174719 Certain PDF files not rendering
ASCL-174703 Unable to approve accessibility service when using AFW
ASCL-174223 Displaying an empty PDF file
ASCL-174330 Unable to render PDF annotation with Arrows and Text Boxes.
ASCL-174416 CLONE - Google Play Services prompts on application launch when disabled
ASCL-174228 CLONE - Truncates Ip addresses in .csv format.
ASCL-174051 Excel form is not working correctly
ASCL-174711 Cannot open a specific .tif file
ASCL-173758 Attachments with context in Thai Language not shown correctly
ASCL-174713 Unable to use on demand VPN
ASCL-174712 Error when signing in AADSTS65006
ASCL-174685 Update to ADAL 2.6.3+
ASCL-174772 When adding a TXT file with line break is shown as same line when opened in notepad
ASCL-174752 Android Boxer (Realme Devices)- Issues with attachments
ASCL-174716 Panasonic Rugged Device reports an error with Polaris Viewer License Error.

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