Workspace ONE UEM Console Releases: SaaS Only


Within your organization you are probably well under way on your cloud journey, whether it's consuming Software as a Service (SaaS) or gradually moving workloads that make sense to the public or private cloud. 

SaaS has many benefits over traditional on-premises delivered offerings, including lower support costs, less maintenance overhead, less patching and quicker time to value. That said, we understand that many customers are not yet ready to move all workloads to the cloud and that this will take time, which is why Workspace ONE is offered as both an on-premises and cloud offering. 


What's changing?

Over the past year we've introduced Workspace ONE Intelligence and more recently Hub Services as cloud-only offerings. Both of these services will however be available to both our on-prem and cloud customers making Workspace ONE a more hybrid cloud solution, allowing organizations to take a staged approach to cloud adoption turning on the Cloud services they see the value in at their own pace. While we will continue to add value in both our on-premises and cloud offerings you will see more and more cloud-only services available as we look to continue to add value and innovate at a faster pace. 

As a result, we are making a change to how we deliver Workspace ONE UEM beginning with Workspace ONE UEM Console 1904, which will be SaaS only release. 


How am I impacted?

As we continue to deliver quicker time to value (features and fixes), we will be delivering updates to our SaaS customers more frequently. We understand that our on-premises customers typically adopt the updates at a slower pace and as such we are decoupling these releases. This means that a feature or fix delivered to our SaaS environments may not be delivered to on-premises customers in the same timeframe or release. We will strive to deliver multiple on-premises releases over the course of the year.  

Note that this will not impact zero-day compatibility for new OS releases. 

Over the coming months we’ll continue to update you on our Cloud strategy and how, if you are an existing on-premises customer looking to move to Cloud, we can get you there to unlock the host of benefits it provides including: 

  • VMware handling the updates and monitoring of infrastructure
  • 99% SLA to give you peace of mind
  • Quicker deployment time
  • Faster access to new features and fixes


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me as an on premises customer?  

On Premises customers will continue to receive quality releases several times per year however may receive new features at a slower pace as we increase our release cadence in SaaS. Historically on premises customers have been slower to adopt our latest releases and we are shifting our release schedule that will be more conducive to how our on premises customers adopt our software.  


Does this impact same day support for new OS releases for on premise customers?  

No, nothing changes behind our commitment for same day support/compatibility for new OS releases.  


If new features disrupt my business from functioning how soon can a fix be expected? Can we get a DLL/Urgent request? Or ask to give them access to the SaaS only version? 

There are no changes to our strategy around delivering fixes. Bug fixes will be delivered as part of future releases. On-prem customers will receive bug fixes as part of the on-prem release cadence. SaaS only releases will not be available for on-prem customers. Customers who want to have the latest fixes and features should consider if a move to SaaS is right for them. The process and criteria to request an Urgent fix (known previously as a DLL request) does not change with this announcement. 


How quick is “quicker deployment times”?  

Time to Value (TTV) is decreased in SaaS as we can stand up and provision a new SaaS environment in minutes. On-prem setup often takes weeks to months based on complexity of environment/architecture, teams required, etc 


Do we have a road map of which versions are going to be SaaS Only and SaaS and On-Prem?  

The latest on-prem release is 1903 and the next is expected to be available this summer.  


As you mentioned that “Multiple updates will then be bundled into a single release for On-Premise to avoid disruption.” Does this mean that there will be on-prem only releases?  

On-prem releases will be a cumulative update of all prior SaaS releases. 


 When are we officially providing this announcement to our customers?  

Communication will be sent out soon. This FAQ is being provided to internal VMware employees prior to the official customer facing announcement. VMware employees should understand the why behind this change and help guide our customers on their cloud journey.  


How this will impact all the “peripheric” services and products… like IDM, UAG, SEG, etc.?  

No changes to other products and their release cadences are being made at this time. 


Where does Dedicated SaaS fall in this split?   

At this time, Dedicated SaaS and Shared SaaS remain aligned in terms of following this SaaS only release model. Dedicated SaaS environments will be eligible to adopt SaaS only releases.  


Is there a process today for me (the customer) to move to the cloud?  

Yes, you can work with your account team to create a proposal hand in hand with our professional services team to scope the effort. Long term we are working on a streamlined solution for customers to ease the pain of licensing and scoping.  


Support Contact Information

To receive support or deliver feedback, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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