Intelligent Hub 19.03 Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • AAGNT-185884: TC52 devices not automatically checking into console
  • AAGNT-185707: Android - EnterpriseWipe command is not getting processed when Hub(with PBE) is SSO locked 
  • AAGNT-185673: Parsing issue for special character in custom settings profile group
  • AAGNT-185622: Samsung enrollment - "failed to register google account"
  • AAGNT-183571: Bookmarks are not shown on launcher screen for oreo devices


Known issues that are expected to be fixed in Beta 2

  • HUB-2156: On select Android 5.x devices using Single Standard Staging, the end user is not able to login.
  • HUB-2158: Email auto-discovery fails if the user’s email ID has an apostrophe.
  • HUB-1952: Username is not shown in the enrollment details screen.
  • HUB-2131: Hub app does not switch modes if components are added to server config after the device is enrolled.
  • HUB-2110: User input is not saved if the user switches off the Launcher app while logging in.
  • HUB-2169: Intermittent issue where Launcher prompts the user to reload the profile.
  • HUB-2170: Intermittent issue where Launcher wallpaper does not get applied.


Known Issues

  • AAGNT-185947: Enrollment is stuck in Enterprise Eula step
  • AAGNT-185872: MC40-LP - Hub crashing during Sideload and enrollment fails
  • AAGNT-185868: Persistence is not working on TC51/ TC56
  • AAGNT-185905: AnyConnect VPN + certs profile not installing
  • AAGNT-185899: "Failed to register google account. Please enroll again" error is displayed when sticky notification is accessed during AFW enrollment
  • AAGNT-185874: Profile installed but settings was not applied
  • AAGNT-185878: Product 0 is failing on TC75 KK while enrolling via Advanced Sideload
  • AAGNT-185908: During Agent upgrade device shows 'Allow installation from this source'
  • AAGNT-185892: Hub Stopped popup shown after device comes back from Enterprise Reset
  • AAGNT-185861: Encrypt SD Card button not visible without scrolling Encryption Policy screen
  • AAGNT-185942: Null Object Reference error when File condition is sent for a Product
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