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Posted on March 18th, 2019


Product Announcements

Introducing Patch Notes for VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console
VMware Workspace ONE is excited to announce that patch notes for VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console are now available, beginning with Workspace ONE UEM Console 1902. These patch notes are hosted on VMware Docs within the original Release Notes of the Console version.
Going forward, all issues fixed in each patch version will be documented in VMware Docs per Console release.


Introducing VMware Relay Service 3.0.6 for Android
What's New in this App Version

  • Updated app version to support Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android.


Introducing VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.5
What's New in this Version

  • UAG-4029: Support for deploying UAG on Amazon AWS EC2.
  • UAG-3931: Support for deploying UAG on Microsoft Azure.
  • UAG-4191: Added flag to PowerShell deployment for enabling SSH.
  • UAG-4125: Added access to favicon.ico over 443.
  • UAG-2159: Added ability to rotate SSL certificate for PCoIP gateway.

Bugs Fixed in this Version

  • UAG-4001: Resolved issue where Blast gateway would not present entire certificate chain during TLS handshake.
  • UAG-4037: Resolved issue where Hyper-V deployments using PowerShell would only allocate a single CPU.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE MDM Agent 6.5.7 for Windows Mobile
What's New in this App Version

  • WMAGNT-3978: Enable use of device keypad on WT4090 with Launcher.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • WMAGNT-3979: F4 softkey not functioning properly on CN51 when Launcher is enabled.
  • WMAGNT-3983: Cab templates removed from agent packages since legacy cab enrollment method has been removed.


Introducing VMware Tunnel 3.2.1 for iOS
What’s New in this App Version

  • PPAT-4564: Resolved issue where app calls to localhost would timeout when VMware Tunnel is present.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 4.0.1 for macOS

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • HUBM-603: Hub always prompts for Missing Recovery Key once after upgrading to the Workspace ONE UEM Console 1902 (additional information can be found here).
  • HUBM-594: Hub sometimes repeatedly prompts for Missing Recovery Key while enrolled to the Workspace ONE UEM Console 1902.


Announcing VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1902 for On-Premises

The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that the VMware Workspace ONE UEM 1902 installer has been extended to on-premises customers and is now available for download in My Workspace ONE here

For additional information, please see the Workspace ONE UEM 1902 release notes available in VMware Docs.


Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence March 14th, 2019 Release

Added support for multiple custom dashboard creation.

  • All existing widgets created under My Dashboard are now available under Default Dashboard.
  • Create separate dashboard(s) targeted to solve specific use cases that meet your business criteria. For example, create dashboards to monitor device usage and adoption, device health, device utilization, popular apps, and many more depending on your business needs.
  • Add widgets on these dashboards from pre-configured templates or create from scratch within available categories.

For information about resolved issues, see the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes available in VMware Docs. 



Known Issues

AAPP-6213: Some iOS 12.1.2+ devices are not returning the SubscriberMCC key for Home Mobile Country Code in the device info sample
As part of the Device Information sample returned from the device, VMware Workspace ONE UEM requests for the device’s Home Mobile Country Code. Some iOS 12.1.2+ are incorrectly not returning this field to the Console. This issue only appears on devices which are GSM-capable (e.g. iPhone).


ISCL-177309: VMware Workspace ONE Content app for iOS Crashes When Opening PDFs
Workspace ONE Content app crashes upon opening some PDFs. The issue affects latest Apple devices (such as iPhone X) running iOS 12.0 and greater. Additional information such as temporary mitigation measures can be found in the full article.


ISCL-177275: Intermittent Issues Playing Video Files in VMware Workspace ONE Content for iOS
Workspace ONE Content app intermittently fails to initiate playback on certain video files. On some occasions the videos will play, on others the app presents a blank screen.



Device Management

FileVault Encryption Management for OS X 10.8

With the release of the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console 1902, the OS X 10.8 configuration mode for the FileVault “Disk Encryption” payload has been removed. 
Following this change there will be a complete UI redesign of the native FileVault payload configuration in an upcoming console release. In addition to this, the profile will show customization options for an upcoming release of Intelligent Hub to control the end-user experience for both encryption enablement and pre-encrypted recovery key escrow (macOS 10.12+). More information about this change can be found in the full article.



SaaS Operations

Maintenance Notification for Workspace ONE Deployments using Stage Now EMM Connect
All OS maintenance activity for the Stage Now API Server were performed on Saturday, March 16, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST (1 hour outage) for all regions.
The maintenance notification was performed for both Hosted and On-Premises environments using the Stage Now cloud service.



Support Policies and Procedures

Locating Workspace ONE license information in My VMware
Since our migration to VMware systems, the most up-to-date license information will be located in the My VMware portal as Workspace ONE products are now purchased through VMware. Customers can also refer to My VMware for details on other Workspace ONE-related purchases and license keys. More information on finding license information can be found in the full article.


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