Locating Workspace ONE license information in My VMware

Since our migration to VMware systems, the most up-to-date license information will be located in the My VMware portal as Workspace ONE products are now purchased through VMware. You can also refer to My VMware for details on other Workspace ONE-related purchases and license keys.
Note: Customers with On-Premises Environments and with SaaS Environments must navigate to separate areas of My VMware to view Workspace ONE license information.

On-Premises customers can view license information in My VMware by navigating to Accounts > Order History and searching for the past 30, 60, or 90 day period. You can also navigate to Products > Manage my Products > License Keys to view this information. Please select the correct account from the drop-down menu. 


SaaS customers can view license information by navigating to Products > Subscriptions and selecting the Service ID (SID) associated with Workspace ONE. Be sure to click on the SID itself to view the exact number of purchased licenses. 


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