Introduction To saasKit

saasKit is a web utility that is intended to help support engineers in assisting with monitoring and troubleshooting customer issues through quick access to comprehensive environment information. This utility has been built in-house specifically for GSS to provide access to relevant information without having to access or request the same information from multiple sources. Apart from information about the server details and health, the UI displays frequently queried data from the DB for said environment. 
: That this information is for internal use only and should never be provided to customers.

Access and UI

You can access saaskit here, saaskit is a static website which collects a snapshot of information when fed the search criteria. Agents will need to connect to VPN ( to access this website. Once connected to the site, you will be prompted with a disclaimer/notice regarding the information available in the saasKit site. Please read this thoroughly before acknowledging. Please read this thoroughly before acknowledging.
Home page screenshot for reference:

Environment Overview 

Some important Information frequently used by support in this module includes

  • Console Version

  • Server URLs (CN/DS/API)

  • Notes from SaaSOps.

  • Type (UAT/Production etc)

  • Scale (Shared/Dedicated)

Note: Detailed information on all servers for this environment is included in the ‘Application Server Info and Health’ module.


Database Info and Common Queries

This module includes information on the SQL server name, and most frequently queried information during troubleshooting. Some of the frequently accessed results from DB included in this module are:

  • Upgrade History

  • Command Queue Summary

  • Device Counts

  • Commands queued by Certificate/App/Profile pushes.

  • Feature Flags status

  • Log Levels


Application Server Info and Health

This module contains information we usually access from SAASWatch/Environment Status/Environment Details.
Frequently used info from this module includes:

  • Log Share path

  • Server Health

  • Services Status

  • App Pools status

  • MSMQ status

Zendesk Cases for the Environment

The result set in this module lists all Zendesk cases containing environment name (ex. CN135) as search filter in the last 3 months. Sample screenshot as below.


Customer OG Details 

This module is relevant when the queried environment information is for Dedicated SaaS. Information here includes LGID, LG Name and Path. Sample screenshot below.

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