FileVault Encryption Management for OS X 10.8


With the release of the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console 1902, the OS X 10.8 configuration mode for the FileVault “Disk Encryption” payload has been removed. Going forward, Disk Encryption payload will only support devices running OS X 10.9 and higher. 

Following this change will also entail a complete UI redesign of the native FileVault payload configuration in an upcoming console release. In addition to this, the profile will show customization options for an upcoming release of Intelligent Hub to control the end-user experience for both encryption enablement and pre-encrypted recovery key escrow (macOS 10.12+).


Customer Impact

This 10.8 FileVault payload has been deprecated for many years, and customers are encouraged to upgrade Macs to at least macOS 10.13 to take advantage of the latest OS security and reliability enhancements to FileVault encryption management via MDM.

Customers who have already created a Disk Encryption profile specifically for OS X 10.8 will continue to be able to deploy the profile to those devices as long as the profile version is not increased. However, the configuration values will not be able to be viewed or edited on the UI.

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