HUBM-603: Hub prompts for Missing Recovery Key once after upgrading to Console 1902





Upon upgrading the Workspace ONE UEM console to 1902, Intelligent Hub 4.0 prompts users on FileVault encrypted devices to enter their password. This password is used to rotate the FileVault Recovery Key and escrow it back to the Console. 


Issue Summary

Users who encrypted their devices with Hub 4.0 prior to the Workspace ONE UEM 1902 upgrade, and stored the recovery key with Workspace ONE, will be prompted with this window to enter their password. Once the user enters the correct password and clicks continue, key will be rotated and escrowed. 


Post 1902 Upgrade

  1. Upon upgrading the Workspace ONE UEM server to 1902, devices that were encrypted prior to the upgrade and running Hub 4.0 will prompt users to rotate the recovery key with the Missing Recovery Key window.
  2. Click on Enter Login password and enter the correct password and click continue.
  3. Hub displays the successful escrow of the recovery key.
  4. Hub should not prompt the user again unless the key is locally rotated by the user (via fdesetup)

Note: Already prompted users will have to enter the correct password and rotate the key.


Fix Version

Our product team has been engaged and is actively working to resolve the issue.

Other Languages: 日本語

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