Custom Profiles for iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2

Apple’s releases offer new pieces of MDM functionality that can be configured through Profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console.

The XML code for these custom profiles is listed below and can be implemented using the following procedure.


Using Custom Profiles 

The Custom Settings payload allows admins to enter their own XML into a profile and apply the profile to devices. Follow the steps below using the beta code found at the end of this document.

  1. Create a new iOS, macOS, or tvOS profile
  2. Configure the General payload and one corresponding payload for the Apple beta feature you plan to deploy (e.g. Restrictions, Exchange, Notifications, etc.)
  3. Save the profile.
  4. Select the newly created profile and click to view XML.
  5. Copy the contents of the second dictionary (<dict>…</dict>) to a text editor
  6. Insert the custom XML text below corresponding to the feature you wish to deploy into the dictionary you copied to your text editor
  7. Find the key called <key>PayloadUUID</key> and change the last four characters of the string to a random alphanumeric combination.
    Note: This is done to avoid duplicate profile identifiers causing conflicts in our system
  8. Create another new profile for the same Apple platform payload
  9. Configure the General payload and the Custom Settings payload
  10. Paste in the dictionary from your clipboard
  11. Enroll and publish the profile to your Apple beta device


Custom XML

Below are the XMLs for the Fall releases of the Apple platforms.



<false />


<false />


<key> allowScreenShot</key>
<false />


<key> allowRemoteScreenObservation</key>
<false />


<key> forceClassroomAutomaticallyJoinClasses</key>
<true />


<key> forceClassroomRequestPermissionToLeaveClasses</key>
<true />


<key> forceClassroomUnpromptedAppAndDeviceLock</key>
<true />


<key> forceClassroomUnpromptedScreenObservation</key>
<true />
<false />


<false />



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