Resolved / Known Issues in 4.17 Beta

Resolved Issues

ISCL-177309 Content app crashes on opening PDF files
ISCL-177289 Crashes when trying to open a fillable PDF file
ISCL-177275 Intermittent issues playing Video files in Content app
ISCL-177260 Logs gets generated even when SDK app logging is disabled under "Settings and policies"
ISCL-177037 Unable to edit pdf fields
ISCL-177350 Unable to access Content Doc Extension
ISCL-177126 Boxer does not show up URL in the message body on emailing links with query strings from Content App
ISCL-177337 iPad 4th Gen_App is crashing on playing video


Known Issues

ISCL-175392 File showing Invalid characters on saving when Encoding type is changed for Text file 
ISCL-175336 Minor UI issue observed when All writable repos are disabled from the console
ISCL-175320 Doc extension does not authenticate via Touch ID on first attempt
ISCL-176795 No option to go back if user tries to add duplicate manual repository
ISCL-174920 3.1.1: When sharing a folder with permission Reader, you are unable to view permissions
ISCL-175295 Upload new version of a file in offline mode;Conflict detected error shows up after pull after refresh in online mode
ISCL-175492 Able to login to app even after changing the date and time of the device
ISCL-175478 UI issues with tutorial overlay screen
ISCL-174643 Tapping on the phone numbers in msg file makes the viewer go to fullscreen
ISCL-174373 Does not log out automatically (Enterprise Wipe)
ISCL-174367 Logout button does not show up after switching OGs
ISCL-175463 Minor UI issue with internal passcode creation/timeout screen
ISCL-174095 On going offline and coming online edits for "Allow online viewing only" enabled files are getting lost
ISCL-174656 Inconsistent behavior on iPhone after editing and importing another file
ISCL-174664 User added repo - When creating repo if the name is a duplicate you have to cancel out of the modal (Iphone) 
ISCL-176076 Automatic deployment Repository with a future Effective date is not getting downloaded on the set Download date (3rd party admin repos)
ISCL-176116 Jailbroken device:- App stuck at authenticating screen after kill and relaunch
ISCL-175783 App freezes on Fast scrolling the media import window
ISCL-175919 Add media - info - description displays under notes 
ISCL-176824 Not displaying certain PDF files correctly
ISCL-176594 AFSOC: O-Auth resets after 24 hours for vIDM authentication to Office 365 repository
ISCL-176957 One docx Word document crashing SCL
ISCL-176203 Epub books do not open
ISCL-177231 Bar graphs does not render on iOS and Android content inside a pptx file
ISCL-176788 Excel file content is displayed in a wrong way for Hebrew language
ISCL-176907 App frozen when opening specific .doc file.
ISCL-177328 Search through PDF file within Content app switches the screen to Portrait from Landscape
ISCL-177073 iOS Keyboard opens briefly and closes abruptly causing functionality impact.
ISCL-176598 Truncates IP addresses in .csv format.
ISCL-176906 Edits to word files (doc format) are moving on save
ISCL-176570 PDF with signer certificate is not getting saved in Local storage post editing 
ISCL-177209 Content goes into infinite loading screen while accessing an AirWatch managed PDF document
ISCL-177016 Line spacing added to word Docs when modfied and saved
ISCL-176832 UI - In the list view, each cell should have the file info placed on a separate line from the icons.
ISCL-176833 Improper increment of filenames
ISCL-176845 Issues with Template and Macro enabled file extensions
ISCL-176775 Upload file in offline, the file should get uploaded automatically after the user goes online
ISCL-175694 Cannot display Japanese file name in zip file correctly.
ISCL-176671 Container/ WS1 Registered iOS devices Browser not able to pull doc from Content, stuck in authenticating
ISCL-175705 Failed to open a specific file
ISCL-175766 Some text was overlapped in pptx file
ISCL-175994 Freezing when navigating to subsequent PPTX pages
ISCL-176463 Smartdeck - Flickering occurs when trying to reload Cells in Main Views
ISCL-176457 Large PDF files sometimes show as corrupted
ISCL-176379 VMware Send - iOS 10 - Able to save attachments from Boxer/Content to third party apps
ISCL-175816 Clipboard is getting cleared after passcode login
ISCL-176919 Swift AWSDK: Unable to import SEG attachments 
App crashes after upgrade from Appstore to the latest Swift SDK build
ISCL-176867 Staging user scenario - The Privacy dialog does not show up when the device is checked out to a different user

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