Intelligent Hub 19.02 Beta - Resolved / Known Issue

Resolved Issues

AAGNT-185447: KD app when attempted to open via snacker, sometimes doesn't open
AAGNT-184821: Access to alternate views from lock screen
AAGNT-179324: Compromised detection on SDK settings alone does not enterprise wipe device
AAGNT-185649: Device Reprocess - product is not getting listed again after 24 hrs
AAGNT-184052: Adapter Time condition with Past Start and End year with frequency will evaluate indefinitely and the product will never Fail
AAGNT-185384: Agent fails to execute the manifests which are followed by Events/Actions in a product
AAGNT-185298: Large delay on the device ownershiptype screen
AAGNT-185613: Zebra reported UI issue for EC30 device in PEAP password screen
AAGNT-185046: Unable to install Tunnel Server Cert for Nougat TC51
AAGNT-185035: Applications are download happening twice if the application is already installed manually before enrollment.
AAGNT-185470: Removing bricks EDA50 device
AAGNT-185267: Agent reports failed status for an application product which is already installed
AAGNT-185295: Android SDK internal apps not able to authenticate upon launch when deployed as a product on Android Rugged devices.
AAGNT-185175: SDM-660<OREO>Set Passcode prompt and notification is shown on DA enrolled devices even after setting it before reboot
AAGNT-185174: SDM-660<OREO>Set Password popup is not given to user when agent is in the foreground
AAGNT-185340: Nine work app asks to create passcode directly, instead of falling back to HUB when PBE is disabled
AAGNT-185339: Public key of an application is Null when agent skips the download of app as the application is already download
AAGNT-185151: Advanced user staging - EZCONFIG honeywell ct60
AAGNT-185488: Update Intellectual Property notices for 2019.


Known Issues

AAGNT-185679: DO auto enrollment stuck on Hub screen on Nougat

AAGNT-185644: Lock SSO command sent from console not working on Hub

AAGNT-185652: Device Admin Clear_Passcode command doesn't clear the passcode and also no exception thrown


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